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cohoots_thumb CO+HOOTS starts exchange program for global entrepreneurs
Phoenix coworking space CO+HOOTS is going international with the CO+EXCHANGES program, which aims to share Phoenix’s talent with nonprofits around the world. Read story UPDATE 11/21
phoenixcenterforthearts_thumb Mayor’s Arts Awards: Meet this year’s winners
The Downtown Devil explores the stories of five of the six Mayor’s Arts Awards 2014 winners of dance, music, theater, visual art and public art.
Read story UPDATE 11/21
cronkite_thumb Cronkite School alumni receive grants for innovations in journalism
The Walter Cronkite School and Knight Foundation have collaborated to create a new $15,000 grant for alumni. Brandon Quester and Weston Phippen were the first recipients. Read story UPDATE 11/21
agnel_thumb Devil’s Advocate: Moving to in-depth territory with multimedia, series
We are an online platform, gosh dang it, and it’s about time we start utilizing our platform. This means more award-winning radio and photos as well as GIFs. Read column UPDATE 11/21
firehouse_thumb Ladies on Fire event at Firehouse to feature poets, hula hoops and more
Ladies on Fire is bringing local female performing talent into the spotlight for the sixth year. Three participating artists speak about their upcoming performances. Read story UPDATE 11/21
alzheimers_thumb Former Arizona Republic reporter discusses early-onset Alzheimer’s
Greg O’Brien, author of On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s, spoke about his battle with the disease with students at the Cronkite School.
Read story UPDATE 11/21

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Light Rail Confidential
lrc_thumb_v Case File 29
When the light rail glides down First Avenue past the Circle K, she doesn’t look. Every day, she turns her body to face the opposite direction or wrenches her eyes tight, barely visible behind don’t-mess-with-me glasses. Read column
Curtain Critic
A twist on ‘Alice in Wonderland’
Halo Movement Collective’s “Underland: White Nightmare II” was a conceptual take on “Alice in Wonderland.” A strong vision carried this show into twisted terrain. Read column
Devilishly Healthy
How to stay active this holiday season
Cooler temperatures mean more hours to enjoy the Phoenix outdoors. Here are some events downtown to keep residents engaged in a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. Read column