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msm_thumb Former Hearst Television vice president of news discusses ethics
Fred Young, a former vice president of news at Hearst Television, shared his ethical opinions in media’s fast-paced society at the Cronkite School’s recent Must See Monday. Read story UPDATE 10/21

torch_thumb Curtain Critic: ‘The Neighborhood’ brings in Bragg’s to create scenes with easy chemistry
Bragg’s Factory Diner co-owner Emily Spetrino-Murtagh shared true stories from her life that The Torch Theatre performers improvised short scenes from during Saturday’s show “The Neighborhood.” Read column UPDATE 10/21

tea_thumb Devilishly Healthy: The how-to’s of using herbal teas for health
Incorporating herbal teas into your life is a great idea if you want a natural way to not only stay healthy today, but to also preserve health in a long-term sense. Read column UPDATE 10/21

rainbows_thumb Ruling on gay marriage celebrated at annual Rainbows Festival
Phoenix Pride hosted the 13th annual Rainbows Festival in Heritage Square Park. The Festival allowed members of the LGBT community to celebrate the Friday legaliation of gay marriage in Arizona. Read story

airplane_thumb Jobot Coffee and Dining celebrates its 4th anniversary with art show
Jobot Coffee and Dining celebrated its fourth anniversary this weekend with a display of employee artwork and a showcase of local bands. Read story

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Focus. Flash. Phoenix.
curtaincritic_column Times three
Eight shots in, the camera jammed. Undeterred, I decided to simply rewind the roll and use the first eight shots to experiment with double exposures. Film is all about patience, planning each shot and then hoping for the best. Read column
Curtain Critic
curtaincritic_column ‘A Vampire Tale’ mixes dance, storytelling
Lisa Starry’s “A Vampire Tale,” presented by Scorpius Dance Theatre, is often described as “the Nutcracker of Halloween.” While excellent in production value, the performance lacked intimacy. Read column
French-Chilean rapper advocates for rights
Ana Tijoux is a French-Chilean rapper who combines layers of cultures and causes in her music. Her appearance at Crescent Ballroom on Tuesday night presented a blend of advocacy and music. Read column