Phoenix Diablo: Apocalypse strikes downtown Phoenix diablo front

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9gallery_thumb {9} the Gallery receives enough funding to remain open
After two days of raising money through a silent auction art event and a GoFundMe page, {9} the Gallery has raised enough money to stay open.
Read story UPDATE 10/31
hotdog_thumb Dogfather hot dog stand gives vendor freedom to care for family
The Dogfather stand offers $4 meals, regular weekday hours on Washington Street and First Avenue and the chance for owner Kevin Isherwood to support his family. Read story UPDATE 10/31
da_thumb Devil’s Advocate: Gratuitous reveling in the Arizona State Fair
Downtown Devil Chief Copy Editor Kim Koerth enjoys the fried food, live music and brightly-colored rides, but most of all the small goats who jump and chew your hair. Read story UPDATE 10/31
moody_thumb Alwun House founder Kim Moody revitalizes Garfield neighborhood
Kim Moody helped bring First Fridays to Phoenix and used social activism to revitalize the Garfield neighborhood, where the Alwun House is located. Read story
The Rundown: Fate of warehouses could shape district’s future
In the Rundown, hosts Annika Cline and Agnel Philip explore the warehouse district and why so little of its namesake remains. With only a few warehouses left, the area’s future is up in the air. Listen

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Curtain Critic
improv_thumb_v Ghostfest runs improv comedy marathon to raise funds
There are few things – maybe even nothing – weirder than the late-night segment of a 32-hour marathon improv show. Read column
Curtain Critic
‘The Bad and the Beautiful’ shows strengths, weaknesses
Center Dance Ensemble’s “The Bad and the Beautiful” depicts awe-inspiring illusions and mediocre progressions from choreographers.
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Focus. Flash. Phoenix.
crescent_column Rockstar
I was excited when I heard this week’s challenge: to manipulate a photograph I’ve taken, using a Photoshop Tutorial. I finally ventured outside of the basic effects. Read column