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cass_thumb As homeless shelter begins to close, new programs to take its place
The city plans to shift to two new housing programs for the homeless as Central Arizona Shelter Services Men’s Overflow Shelter prepares to close next year.
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Phantogram_thumb McDowell Mountain Music Festival lineup announced: Who’s coming? The lineup for the festival, taking place from March 27-29 at Margaret T. Hance Park, features a mix of well-known national acts and popular local acts. Read story
group_thumb Devil’s Advocate: Highlights of the semester
In celebration of the end of the academic semester, the Downtown Devil’s editors selected stories and photos that represented some of the publication’s best work. Read story
lawngnome_thumb Lawn Gnome Publishing poetry slam ends in wake of conflict
Lawn Gnome Publishing has shut down the Phoenix Poetry Slam. The shop has since started a new weekly event as other downtown figures try to establish a new slam. Read story
lab_thumb Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Festive
To capture the feel of the holidays in a large city, a small personal moment would not cut it. Instead, I decided to capture the unending movement that is the city. Read column
lot_thumb Journalism student creates news broadcast for the deaf
A junior at the Cronkite School created the Deaf and Hearing Network to combine speaking, signing and captions in news segments. The network seeks new sources of funding to expand coverage. Read story

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Curtain Critic
herberger_column Latino Initiatives Grant brings opportunity
The Arizona Theatre Company was granted a Latino Initiatives Grant to create programming within the Latino community. Read column
Focus. Flash. Phoenix.
lrc_thumb_v Motion is Fluid
Being a type A control freak, I decided to take a clear and sharp picture. When my camera’s moodiness destroyed all hopes for this, I had to let go. Read column
Devilishly Healthy
lrc_thumb_v Balancing downtime with work time
It’s that time of year again! Sleep is on the back burner, the coffee is flowing and there isn’t a trace of a social life for miles. Yes — it’s finals time. Read column
Devil’s Advocate
lrc_thumb_v Moving to in-depth territory
We are an online platform, and it’s about time we start utilizing our platform. This means more award-winning radio and photos as well as GIFs. Read column