Budget cuts could close Verde Park recreation centerREAL verde park front

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rios_thumb Arizona’s poet laureate visits Burton Barr for National Poetry Month
Arizona’s first Poet Laureate Alberto Rios gave a poetry reading at Burton Barr Public Library Tuesday night as the third event in a series in honor of National Poetry Month. Read story UPDATE 4/23

Mobile arts program helps underserved Phoenix students
Art4All, a program presented in collaboration with Valley Leadership and Phoenix Center for the Arts, brings art education to students in districts with small arts budgets with their large van. Read story

‘Divine Child’ brings entertainment to Valley with refurbished vehicles
Kirk Strawn, who recently opened Walter Studios at Roosevelt Street and Seventh Avenue, developed a fleet of four refurbished vehicles named Walter, Big Red, Heathen and Kalliope that bring music and light shows to events around the Valley.
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Must See Monday discusses rise and power of specialty journalism
The old philosophy of journalism may be to know a little about many things, but author, columnist and editor Jeff Selingo told students at the last Must See Monday of the year to know a lot about just one. Read story

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Firefighters thumbnail - DD Photo credit:
Downtown Devil
Looming city budget cuts could eliminate 20 fire inspectors
Fire inspectors work to keep fires from happening at schools, factories and homes. Concerned inspectors and community members say that cutting jobs could increase fires and insurance rates.
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crystal_thumb Lacrosse
Shooting sports is really difficult. Everything is fast; you have to anticipate and be quick when you do.
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Devilishly Healthy
crystal_thumb Coffee: Healthy or harmful?
Jobot. Cartel Coffee Lab. Lux. They’re all coffee shops frequented regularly. But are we drinking to our health?
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focus. flash. phoenix.
crystal_thumb Blood moon over Phoenix
Every so often the earth moves between the sun and the moon to create a lunar eclipse. Last night was one of those times.
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