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tpartist_thumb An ASU “Banksy” paints mysterious artwork in Taylor Place dormitories
ASU freshman Audra Mansager wanted to express the frustration she was feeling at the time. She went to her dorm’s stairwell and began to paint a nude body in red and black. Read story UPDATE 10/01

ATP_thumb A Tailored Place: Vox Curvy Couture’s clothing swap event
Columnist Savanah Yaghsezian attented the thrift shop’s Sip ‘n’ Swap event, where customers could bring in their clothing and swap for other donated pieces. Read story UPDATE 10/01

sexyscifi_thumb Curtain Critic: Sexy science-fiction show presents a nerdy burlesque
Scandalesque’s sci-fi burlesque referenced “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Marvel and D.C. superheroes and villains, “The Fifth Element,” “The Matrix,” “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” Read story UPDATE 10/01

myrlin_thumb Teacher, performer Myrlin Hepworth values compassion and humanity
Hepworth, a hip-hop artist, teacher and poet, is the Phoenix representative for the Individual World Poetry Slam, happening Oct. 8-11. Read story

msm_thumb3 Reporter provides insight on the life of a White House correspondent
Bloomberg News White House correspondent Margaret Talev shared her experiences covering the president and her definition of a good journalist.
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Focus. Flash. Phoenix.
fff_thumb_v A self-portrait
I am not unfamiliar with the concept of a self-portrait. I’m guilty of the selfie — on my cellphone, my film camera, my DSLR — but for this photo column assignment, I wanted to try something different.
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Devil’s Advocate
ffp_thumb_v Local poet Orion releases new book
Local poet Shawnte Orion is being published by a New York publisher. Arts and Entertainment Editor Becky Brisley reflects on his poetry, which merges humor and beauty.
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Focus. Flash. Phoenix.
ffp_thumb_v Reflections of laughter
It was interesting to see just her face reflected in the mirror, surrounded by a pool of black. There was so much mystery in the image, yet there was also a sense of comfort and sureness from her face staring back.
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