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press_thumb Tufts University professor visits ASU, delivers ‘just sustainability’ lecture
While many people only consider environmental sustainability, social justice and equity is actually an integral element of sustainable living, according to a Tufts University professor Read story UPDATE 4/16

press_thumb AP vice president gives advice on adapting to changes in journalism
Technology is constantly changing journalism today, and journalists need be open to that change without sacrificing principals, said an Associated Press vice president and managing editor. Read story

press_thumb Carl’s Jr. opens new location at US Airways Center
Carl’s Jr. opened a new location Monday morning at US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix with the Phoenix Suns and Mercury, with whom they are partnering. Read story

press_thumb Committee discusses plans for Hance Park, street projects
The Central City Village Planning Committee discussed active projects in District Seven Monday, including the Hance Park master plan and street improvement projects. Read story

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equalpay_wwr Photo credit:
Downtown Devil
Phoenix continues push for higher education downtown
The profile of higher education in downtown Phoenix has increased significantly in the past month. And city leaders want the trend to continue.
Read story at azcentral.com

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focus. flash. phoenix.
crystal_thumb Blood moon over Phoenix
Every so often the earth moves between the sun and the moon to create a lunar eclipse. Last night was one of those times.
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Devilishly Healthy
crystal_thumb Downtown dining decisions
It’s April, and New Year’s resolutions of healthier eating have fallen off and been replaced with a greater desire to go out for a delicious meal.
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Light Rail Confidential
bigred_thumb Case File 023:
Leotard dude

That someone was a slender black dude, standing about 5 feet tall and dressed in a skintight black leotard. Read post
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