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msm_thumb Video: Grid Bike Share launched Tuesday. How does it work?
The Grid Bike Share program had its official launch downtown on Tuesday. The citywide program hopes to have 500 bikes available across 50 locations by the end of the year. Read story UPDATED 11/26
reveles_thumb Gay marriage legalization prompts varying church actions
After an Oct. 17 court ruling, several churches downtown have begun to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Others will still not perform ceremonies for them. Read story UPDATED 11/26
cohoots_thumb USGD senator files complaint over pay for representatives
USGD senator Ryan Boyd filed a formal complaint to the university asking to be removed from its payroll. He said he believes student representatives should not receive compensation.
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phoenixcenterforthearts_thumb Curtain Critic: ‘Ecstatic Truth’ explores themes of morality, religion
Dain Q. Gore’s “Ecstatic Truth,” a puppet show at a pop-up exhibit in Hot Box Gallery, examines various aspects of life and the human experience.
Read column UPDATED 11/26
cronkite_thumb Group leaves aid along immigrant trails from Mexico
Members of the nonprofit No More Deaths regularly travel to the Sonoran Desert National Monument to leave humanitarian aid along immigrant trails from Mexico into the U.S. Read story
msm_thumb National Geographic photojournalist creates storytelling through pictures
Chris Rainier, National Geographic photojournalist, shared stories through his pictures from around the world during this week’s Must See Monday at the Cronkite School. Read story

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Devil’s Advocate
lrc_thumb_v Moving to in-depth territory
We are an online platform, and it’s about time we start utilizing our platform. This means more award-winning radio and photos as well as GIFs. Read column
Light Rail Confidential
lrc_thumb_v Case File 29: Stationary
When the light rail glides down First Avenue past the Circle K, she doesn’t look. Every day, she wrenches her eyes tight, barely visible behind don’t-mess-with-me glasses. Read column
Curtain Critic
A twist on ‘Alice in Wonderland’
Halo Movement Collective’s “Underland: White Nightmare II” was a conceptual take on “Alice in Wonderland.” A strong vision carried this show into twisted terrain. Read column
Devilishly Healthy
How to stay active this holiday season
Cooler temperatures mean more hours to enjoy the Phoenix outdoors. Here are some events downtown to keep residents engaged in a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. Read column