USGD starts semester with few senators or major goals, has plans for student outreach


Downtown student government is working to fill the Senate, which has not happened since USGD’s foundation. The administration hopes to focus on smaller student fees and downtown engagement this year. Read story

ASU moves quickly to house displaced students; some still feel shorted


There are less than a dozen Downtown ASU students still living in the Westin Phoenix Downtown as of Wednesday night, but the short stay still caused some students to feel disconnected from their classmates. Read story

Slide show: Exclusive first look at Downtown Sun Devil Fitness Complex


The Downtown campus Sun Devil Fitness Complex set to open to the public on Wednesday, complete with a rooftop pool and a new basketball gym. The Downtown Devil got a tour of the facility Monday evening. Read story

Taylor Place still overbooked by 57 students, ASU to pay thousands to house them in hotel


ASU will pay $100 per room per night to the Westin Phoenix Downtown to house up to 57 students who don’t have a room in Taylor Place, officials said. Read story

Taylor Place overbooked, up to 120 students to temporarily live at local hotel


As many as 120 students registered to live at Taylor Place this fall will be without dormitories and instead will live in a nearby hotel at the beginning of the year. Read story

Slide show: Y@ASU construction


The new student recreation center at the Downtown campus, which broke ground in August, has been an ongoing construction project this semester. Read story

Nighttime restaurant uses Squash Blossom space to deliver food, community connections


A new nighttime restaurant has partnered with Squash Blossom to serve dinner from Wednesday through Saturday in order to give back to the community. Read story

USGD President Joseph Grossman wins re-election as first repeat Downtown president


Joseph Grossman is the 2012-2013 USGD president. Winning 63 percent of the votes, he is the first USGD president to be elected twice. (Photo illustration by Evie Carpenter/DD)

USGD President Joseph Grossman successfully won re-election by a vote of Read story

Judicial board overturns disqualification of USGD presidential candidate Green


After being disqualified on Monday, USGD presidential candidate Erika Green was re-qualified for the election early Thursday morning after the judicial board heard her appeal of the violation. The election’s winner will be announced around noon Thursday. Read story

Candidate profile: Joseph Grossman


USGD President Joseph Grossman has not been shy about his accomplishments in his year as president, and he hopes his record will win him re-election. Read story