The McDowell Mountain Music Festival lineup was announced: Who is coming to the Valley?


The lineup for the festival, taking place from March 27-29 at Margaret T. Hance Park, features a mix of well-known national acts and popular local acts. Read story

Devil's Advocate: Highlights of the semester


In celebration of the end of the academic semester, the Downtown Devil’s editors selected stories and columns that represented some of the publication’s best work of the past six months. Read story

Lawn Gnome Publishing poetry slam ends in wake of conflict, with hope for future


After rising tensions within the event that culminated in a disagreement and violent threats between two poets, Lawn Gnome Publishing has shut down the Phoenix Poetry Slam. Poets in the community reflect on where to go from here. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Festive


What better place to capture the feel of the holidays in Downtown Phoenix than CitySkate? I decided that to capture the feel of the holidays in a large city, a small personal moment would not cut it. Instead, I decided to capture the unending movement that is the city. Read story

Curtain Critic: Latino Initiatives Grant brings opportunity, questions about voice integration


The Arizona Theatre Company recently received a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for Latino community outreach and programming, which brings the opportunity for diverse voices of Phoenix to be heard. But it also raises important questions about how we integrate those voices into a sometimes white-washed theater community. Read story

Local artist presents collection of works blending past and present at Luhrs Arcade


Randy Slack’s one-night-only retrospective exhibition at the Luhrs City Center last Friday was a colorful collection of works that blended past and present, mingling reality with memory. The exhibit, titled “Randy Slack Retrospective: From the Luhrs Basement + Beyond,” was housed inside the Luhrs Arcade at the corner of Central and Jefferson. Read story

Christmas spirit gets strange with Space 55's 'The Weirdest Little Christmas Tree Contest'


Hair curlers, dried spaghetti and condoms are just some of the decorations on top of the Christmas trees for Space 55’s ‘The Weirdest Little Christmas Tree,’ a festive event running until Dec. 20. Read story

Artists channel their creativity into works about television at First Studio gallery


The power of television, and how it interacts with our minds, is the subject of “Under Television Skies,” a new exhibit curated by Richard Bledsoe and on display at First Studio gallery until Jan. 30. Read story

Local artist combines traditional art training with technology for new MonOrchid series


Artists Jeff Davis will present “Location Series,” a new show featuring prints created via algorithms, at MonOrchid’s Bokeh Gallery during December’s First Fridays artwalk. Read story

New photo and memorabilia exhibit offers a glimpse into history of Grand Avenue


Grand Avenue’s rich history will be explored this month at the Frontal Lobe Gallery in the exhibit “The Lone Diagonal in A Grid Town: What’s Grand About Grand Avenue,” which will open at December’s First Fridays Artwalk. Read story