Slide show: Exploring Super Bowl Central


The attractions opened Wednesday and were in full swing by Thursday afternoon. The sky presented an overcast hue to fans looking for the Arizona sunshine, and rain eventually dampened some of the atmosphere. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Pantsed


With the Super Bowl in town, downtown Phoenix has been taken over. It is impossible to leave the comfort of your home and not see a NFL logo. My personal favorite Super Bowl vomit is the clothed statues. Read story

Slideshow: TrueDTPHX spotlights local culture


Local bands, vendors and restaurants brought out their best before the Super Bowl in the TrueDTPHX festival, a two-day assortment of events happening throughout downtown. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Fall came late


My favorite season is autumn, when the leaves change color and weather is just perfect — a wonderful mix where it is cooler than the summertime but warm enough to not need a sweater. When I heard the latest photo blog post was about the autumn trees, I knew that it was something I had to shoot. Read story

Slide show: MLK Day march makes way through downtown Phoenix


The Arizona Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee hosted the MLK March on Monday morning in honor of King’s 1968 demonstration. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Pigeons


I was always hesitant about going up to someone and asking to take their photo. Years ago a mentor told me the worst that could happen was that they say no. Read story

The Rundown: Parking is just one piece of the larger planning puzzle


Hosts Annika Cline and Agnel Philip set out to answer this question. Urban planners point to Phoenix’s city plan to explain today’s problems, while community members search for small-scale solutions. They discover parking is about much more than the hunt for a spot; it’s a literal road map of Phoenix’s past. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Motion is Fluid


When my camera’s moodiness destroyed all hopes for a seemingly perfect outcome, I had to let go of my control-freak nature. Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected. Though I had to loosen up, the final product was oddly liberating. Read story

Slide show: Firehouse Gallery's Ladies on Fire event features variety of female performances


The sixth annual Ladies on Fire event took place at the Firehouse Gallery on Friday night. The event showcased talents from musicians, poets, comedians, painters, hula-hoop dancers and more. Read story

Audio: New parking signs in Roosevelt Row area boost businesses' customer bases


At the end of October, the city of Phoenix installed new 2-hour-limit parking signs on one side of Sixth Street and both sides of Fifth Street in between Roosevelt and Garfield streets. Businesses in the area asked for the signs to help promote higher customer turnover. Read story