'Phantasmagorical' Mystic Circus at Alwun House shocks audiences with erotic content


The Alwun House hosted the Mystic Circus, an erotic, sexual and demented series of acts designed to test the moral limits of its audience, this Saturday. The show featured juggling, glass dancing, burlesque, fire twirling and everything in between. Read story

Four Chambers Press 'Flash Your Fiction' flash mob stages poetry readings on the light rail


“Flash Your Fiction,” the literary flash mob organized by Four Chambers Press, was among the many events the local publication is planning to help make prose and poetry more relevant in people’s lives. Read story

Slide show: Mayan group leads protest, march after president's delay on deportation action


More than 50 members of Consejo del Pueblo Maya, or “Counsel of Mayan People,” protested through downtown Friday following President Barack Obama’s decision to delay deportation changes. Read story

Devil's Pass: TRUPHX blog exhibit and Phoenix Art Museum leadership changes


Hosts Miguel Otarola and Jayson Chesler delivered Devil’s Pass’s final episode for the semester. The show will return in August. Topics included the presentation of TRUPHX and changes in leadership in the arts community in the wake of James Ballinger’s decision to step down as director of the Phoenix Art Museum. Read story

GPLET tax incentive draws developers but may also hurt small businesses


Some properties pay a reduced tax rate based on Government Property Lease Excise Tax agreements, but critics say the law harms small businesses. The length of these agreements downtown ranges from 8 to 99 years. Read story

Devil's Pass: Art4All and The Real Coachella


Hosts Miguel Otarola and Jayson Chesler treated listeners to just the “meat and potatoes” in this week’s edition of Devil’s Pass. Focal points were Art4All’s mobile art classes and the 10th anniversary of The Real Coachella. Read story

Devil's Pass: Phoenix Hostel cultural events and Libreria Donceles at Combine Studios


This week Devil’s Pass discussed a pair of locations seeing unique uses. The Phoenix Hostel has transformed into a hub for cultural events in the last year and a half, while Combine Studios is hosting Phoenix’s only Spanish-language bookstore until June. Read story

Video: CollabX connects local jazz musicians and poets for collaborative performances


A joint venture between professors of ASU’s School of Letters and Sciences and the Herberger Institute mixed jazz artists and poets together for an impromptu evening at the Pythian Lodge in Tempe. Read story

Devil's Pass: The Trunk Space hosts crowdfunded Indie 500 music festival


This week Devil’s Pass went in-depth with the Trunk Space’s Indie 500 festival. The festival’s crowdfunding and previous shows were discussed, as was the venue’s attempt to get an air-conditioner. Read story

New taxidermy and natural history shop Curious Nature settles into Roosevelt Row

Curious Nature, a new taxidermy and natural history shop on Roosevelt Row, specializes in the selling of odd products including bottled octopi and various taxidermy. The shop hopes to provide an educational atmosphere in the future. Read story