Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Thirsty man


It’s hard to imagine having such a physically demanding job that lasts through the unbearable Phoenix heat. I was able to capture a brief moment of a workingman’s relaxation and water break. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Bees in the city


As my East Coast family and friends received a whopping foot-and-a-half of snow to add onto the pre-existing 4 feet, I was out wearing shorts, looking at bees engaged in a pollination session. Read story

Chinese New Year Festival celebrates 25th anniversary of Phoenix Chinese Week


The event at Margaret T. Hance Park this weekend hosted activities such as crafts for kids and performances ranging from traditional Chinese dance to martial-arts displays. Read story

Video: Amazing Arizona Comic Con features design from costume to makeup and more


Some attendees spent hours crafting the perfect costume. Others have made appearances in television shows such as Syfy’s transformative makeup show “Face Off.” Read story

Video: Cyphers' hip-hop dance and art classes aim to inspire and educate Phoenix youth


A child’s interest in hip-hop can be looked down upon by others. Cyphers offers hip-hop art and dance classes to provide those youth a positive way to express themselves. Read story

Video: Locals participate in human foosball competition to benefit Roosevelt Row


Dozens of locals participated in downtown Phoenix’s first-ever Super Foos human foosball competition on January 31. The event was organized by Kitchen Sink Studios Inc., an advertising and design agency near the corner of Third and Garfield streets. Read story

Slide show: Exploring Super Bowl Central


The attractions opened Wednesday and were in full swing by Thursday afternoon. The sky presented an overcast hue to fans looking for the Arizona sunshine, and rain eventually dampened some of the atmosphere. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Pantsed


With the Super Bowl in town, downtown Phoenix has been taken over. It is impossible to leave the comfort of your home and not see a NFL logo. My personal favorite Super Bowl vomit is the clothed statues. Read story

Slideshow: TrueDTPHX spotlights local culture


Local bands, vendors and restaurants brought out their best before the Super Bowl in the TrueDTPHX festival, a two-day assortment of events happening throughout downtown. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Fall came late


My favorite season is autumn, when the leaves change color and weather is just perfect — a wonderful mix where it is cooler than the summertime but warm enough to not need a sweater. When I heard the latest photo blog post was about the autumn trees, I knew that it was something I had to shoot. Read story