Slide show: Exploring Super Bowl Central


The attractions opened Wednesday and were in full swing by Thursday afternoon. The sky presented an overcast hue to fans looking for the Arizona sunshine, and rain eventually dampened some of the atmosphere. Read story

Morrison Institute panel on violence features people who deal with it for a living


The Morrison Institute of Public Policy hosted a panel with a football player, war veteran, policeman and UFC fighter to discuss violence at ASU’s downtown Phoenix campus Thursday night. Read story

USA Today columnist discusses the growing amount of women in sports journalism


USA Today columnist Christine Brennan spoke about the state of women in sports media Monday at the Cronkite School. She emphasized the correlation between the enactment of Title IX and the growing number of women in the profession. Read story

State university presidents lobby House for performance-based funding bill


The presidents of the three major state universities lobbied for performance-based funding for their schools Thursday at the state Legislature. This comes just days after Gov. Doug Ducey’s State of the State address, where he proposed a budget plan that included reducing funding to Arizona universities by $75 million starting in 2016. Read story

Community members organize symbolic funeral procession to protest demolition of historic buildings


Community members clad in black marched through rainy downtown Phoenix streets Thursday to protest the possible demolition of historic buildings along Roosevelt Row. Read story

Devil's Advocate: Super Bowl could encourage locals to keep coming downtown


Super Bowl XLIX is expected to bring in 1 million attendees, and many of them are flooding downtown Phoenix. With the vast majority of them coming from in-state, the hope is that after experiencing the city, they’ll visit again. Read story

METROnome: Pepsi Hyped for Halftime features famous and local acts


The Pepsi Hyped for Halftime event features a variety of local bands alongside national acts like The Roots. Local artists said they are excited to expose people to unique types of music. Read story

Secretary of Homeland Security visits Cronkite, says more funding needed for department


Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson visited the Cronkite School Wednesday to discuss issues of border security, funding and cyber-terrorism. He said it is crucial that Congress appropriates funding to the Department of Homeland Security for the next year. Read story

ESPN vice president kicks off Must See Sports, encourages patience and creativity


ESPN’s Rob King kicked off the Must See Sports discussion series at the Walter Cronkite School on Tuesday night. The network’s vice president encouraged patience in the job search and creativity in the newsroom. Read story

Graphic: The art and development of GreenHaus through the years


Developers and community members are currently working to preserve varying degrees of the GreenHaus property and murals. This timeline looks at the events leading up to the controversy. Read story