Devil's Advocate: Highlights of the semester


In celebration of the end of the academic semester, the Downtown Devil’s editors selected stories and columns that represented some of the publication’s best work of the past six months. Read story

Journalism student creates news broadcast for deaf community


The Deaf and Hearing Network is the first ASU news broadcast to combine speaking, signing and captions. The videos are produced and taped by volunteers and students in a studio at the Cronkite School. (Chris Garay/DD)

When Arizona State Read story

Commuter students face challenges with extended meter hours, ASU lots downtown


The third entry in the “Spacial Awareness” series looks at the impact parking-meter changes have had on ASU students at the Downtown Phoenix campus, and offers insights into what the school is doing in the future for student parking. Read story

ASU students protest company I'm Schmacked 'exploitation' in documenting college parties


I’m Schmacked, a company that travels the country throwing parties on large college campuses and posting videos, hosted an event last month in Phoenix that led ASU student government leaders to start a protest against the company. Read story

Club for medical, health students chartered on Downtown campus


The Downtown Phoenix campus now has its own chapter of the American Medical Student Association. The club, which has 132 members, helps students gain experience needed when applying to medical school. Read story

Devilishly Healthy: Balancing downtime with work time during this finals season


If finals are getting you down, don’t worry! Devilishly Healthy columnist Wafa Shahid has some recommendations to keep you happy and healthy (or maybe just functioning). Read story

Phoenix Bureau Chief for the New York Times shares tips on reporting untold stories


Fernanda Santos, the Phoenix Bureau Chief for the New York Times, spoke to students about storytelling at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s final Must See Monday event of the fall semester. Read story

Award-winning Bioscience High School robotics team gives students something to cheer for


Bioscience High School in downtown Phoenix has about 300 students and no sports teams. So instead, the school’s students and staff root for its award-winning robotics team. The team, Dragon Robotics 2375, was started in 2008 and has already won four awards from the international organization FIRST, an acronym that stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” Read story

USGD senator files complaint over pay, says members shouldn't be compensated


USGD senator Ryan Boyd filed a formal complaint to the university asking to be removed from its payroll. Boyd said he believes that ASU government members should not be paid for their work representing students. Read story

National Geographic photojournalist creates cultural storytelling through pictures


National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier spoke about the democratization of storytelling at a Must See Monday event at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism Monday night. Read story