14 places to satisfy late-night food cravings


It’s midnight and you’re hungry. No idea where to go? Well here’s a list of 14 go-to restaurants from Jobot to IHOP that will satisfy your late-night cravings. Read story

Four Chambers Press magazine writes on after exceeding $5,000 crowdfunding goal


The staff of Four Chambers Press recently exceeded their fundraising goal in a Kickstarter campaign, but publishers are asking for the public’s help to fund additional sections of the magazine that were previously cut due to costs. Read story

11 new things to do downtown this Fall


From a new yoga studio to a number of restaurants including a cat cafe, here are just some of the new attractions downtown — and some that will open in the coming months. Read story

A new park opens up between Valley Youth Theatre and ASU's Taylor Place dormitories


The Space Between is a new temporary park between the Valley Youth Theatre and ASU’s Taylor Place dormitories near Fillmore Street between First and Second streets. It has taken the city nearly two years to create the pop-up park. Read story

Charities house homeless individuals displaced from the closure of the CASS overflow shelter


Local charities are continuing to operate temporary shelter facilities for homeless individuals displaced by the closure of the downtown overflow shelter, but representatives from numerous agencies have expressed concern about a long-term housing solution. Read story

USGD survey requests student feedback for new around-campus golf cart transit option


USGD may implement a new student transit service to replace the trolley system in the upcoming school year. Students can voice their opinions about their decision in a survey. Read story

Lack of resources, authority jeopardizes the future of Phoenix’s past


Despite community protests, the GreenHAUS building, a monument for the LGBT community, was demolished in March. According to officials, a combination of a lack of authority and a lack of resources means that city hall will be powerless to prevent the demolition of other buildings like it. Read story

Downtown businesses prepare for summer months


The summer heat in Phoenix is no longer a death sentence for downtown businesses, but business owners are still making special preparations for the summer months. Read story

METROnome: Downtown Phoenix's development as a music-festival pit stop


Music festivals such as Coachella and South by Southwest draw people from across the country westward to see bands perform. Phoenix has become a natural pit stop along the way, fostering a music-festival culture. Read story

Phoenix police may receive diversity training following local police brutality protests


Arizona State University professor of history and director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy Matthew Whitaker may be providing Phoenix police with training in diversity, pending city approval. Read story