Bill re-introduced to expand definition of homelessness and be more inclusive to youth


As homeless youth continue to face significant challenges in the United States, several local initiatives are attempting to address the issue. Read story

USG lobbies for bill that would let intoxicated minors seek help without legal consequences


The Undergraduate Student Government at Arizona State University lobbied for SB 1190 at the Capitol Thursday. The medical amnesty bill would allow intoxicated minors to seek help from first responders without legal consequences. Read story

City council to vote on database to catalog parking garages and lots in downtown Phoenix


Phoenix City Council will soon vote on a parking database that would catalog the parking garages, spaces and costs in and around the downtown area. The project would hopefully benefit downtown residents who park in the city and attract new companies to the area. Read story

Giuliani at local symposium: Obama's policies to blame for inaction on Iran


The United States should be leading a coalition against Islamic terrorism, Giuliani said, and criticized President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Read story

City's violent crime rate falls for first time in 4 years


Phoenix’s violent crime rate fell in 2014 following three consecutive years of increases, according to an update from police that was presented to a city council subcommittee on Wednesday. Read story

Plan to expand and revamp public transport fails to clear city council subcommittee


A city council subcommittee and community members did not pass a proposal from the Citizens Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation Tuesday afternoon. The plan would have raised sales taxes to upgrade public transportation and infrastructure. Read story

City council committee votes in favor of vacant lot development


The Phoenix City Council Downtown, Aviation and Redevelopment Subcommittee approved the idea of developing a 7.4 acre vacant lot on Fillmore Street Wednesday. City council will now decide whether or not to approve the land for proposals from developers. Read story

City officials say they will keep trying to revert Sky Harbor flight paths


City officials said at a meeting Wednesday that they will keep trying to revert Sky Harbor flight paths that were switched last fall. The changes have elicited many complaints from Phoenix residents who say the noise too loud. Read story

Phoenix open data policy foreshadows apps for real-time public transportation tracking


After adopting an open data policy last July, the city of Phoenix has released real-time tracking data for city buses and Light Rail trains for independent tech developers to use to create new apps. Read story

Mayor Greg Stanton, business owners share the Super Bowl's impact on Phoenix


Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton was among several speakers who praised the economic successes that the Super Bowl brought downtown Phoenix. Read story