Councilman pushes back against conflict-of-interest allegations

Councilman Michael Nowakowski told reporters he acted appropriately in approving a proposal by the Cesar Chavez Foundation to develop land downtown despite claims that he failed to disclose a bias in favor of the bid-winning developer. Read story

Phoenix arts and culture office celebrates triumphs, benefits of art on 30th birthday


The City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture held the PHX Arts + Culture @ 30 Years celebration Saturday at the Phoenix Convention Center and Herberger Theater to illustrate that the economic and cultural benefits of art are worth the cost. Read story

Citizen group to oversee city transportation improvements, City Council votes


City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to develop a commission made up of a representative group of citizens to oversee changes to the city transportation system laid out in Prop. 104. Read story

Protest outside Arpaio hearings showcases testimonies of immigrants, victims


Puente Arizona, a migrant justice organization, organized a protest on Thursday and Friday outside the Sandra Day O’Connor United States Courthouse where Arpaio’s contempt of court hearings are taking place. Read story

Subcommittee debates merits of investing in municipal ID


Members of the Parks, Arts, Transparency and Education Subcommittee had concerns over the cost of municipal city service cards, with those opposed saying the estimated $5 million for the cards would be too much for a city expecting a $40-60 million deficit next year. Read story