METROnome: Keep Big Red Night of the Dead outside, downtown


McDowell Mountain Music festival became a major downtown music event when it relocated to Hance Park in 2013. (Brandon Kutzler/DD)

Imagine standing in the middle of one of your favorite cities, skyscrapers towering around you, listening as live Read story

Curtain Critic: Ghostfest improv comedy marathon runs for 32 hours to raise funds


There are few things – maybe even nothing – weirder than the late-night segment of a 32-hour marathon improv show. But that is exactly what I treated myself to on Friday night (or was it Saturday morning?) at The Torch Theatre, as they held their fourth annual Ghostfest improv comedy marathon. Read story

Curtain Critic: 'The Bad and the Beautiful' displays a range of strengths and weaknesses


“The Bad and the Beautiful” was a fitting title for Center Dance Ensemble’s season opener at the Herberger Theater Center this weekend. The work in the show ranged all the way from the organically beautiful work of guest choreographer Diane McNeal Hunt, to the archaically bad premieres of choreographer and artistic director Frances Smith Cohen. Read story

METROnome: Ray LaMontagne and The Belle Brigade create upbeat, dynamic atmosphere


The Ray LaMontagne concert at Comerica Theatre on Wednesday night brought real emotion that allowed an intimate connection between the artist and the audience — a connection that started with LaMontagne’s opening band, The Belle Brigade. Read story

Devilishly Healthy: F.lux app won't let your devices deprive you of the sleep you need


Do you ever feel sleepy during the day? Do you tend to doze off at weird times for no apparent reason? Or do you just feel drained a lot of the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, believe it or not, there’s an app for that. It’s called f.lux. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Rockstar


I was excited when I heard this week’s challenge: to manipulate a photograph I’ve taken, using a Photoshop Tutorial. I finally ventured outside of the effects of brightness, the magic wand and the saturation feature. Read story

METROnome: OK Go bassist talks album release and upcoming Crescent Ballroom concert


Following the Oct. 14 release of their fourth album, “Hungry Ghosts,” OK Go will be taking the Crescent Ballroom stage on Friday. Emily Liu spoke with the group’s bassist, Tim Nordwind, about their new album and what to expect at the show. Read story

Curtain Critic: 'The Neighborhood' brings in Bragg's to create scenes with easy chemistry


Every week, The Torch Theatre invites a guest monologist from Phoenix’s arts, music and culture scene to share their real-life stories as part of the show “The Neighborhood.” Read story

Devilishly Healthy: The how-to's of herbal teas


Herbal tea, often understated in the world of health, has more health benefits than many people realize! So what exactly is herbal tea and how does it differ from black, green and white teas? Read story

A Tailored Place: ASU Barrett fashion show gives important advice for professional dress


Faculty and students from Barrett, the Honors College on ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus put on a fashion show to demonstrate how to dress — and how not to dress — in a professional setting last week. The show took place in the lobby of the University Center after an open house of the Barrett offices that included games, raffles and sweet treats. Read story