Harrison Fjord remains humble before a Thursday gig at Crescent Ballroom

The purposely genre-less Harrison Fjord has risen to local prominence within the past two years. Learn how the band went from a nameless group of friends to headliners at Crescent Ballroom ahead of their Oct. 8 concert. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: One Cloud

Our Director of Multimedia Courtney Pedroza was trying to do homework, when her window started glowing red. So naturally she grabbed her camera and sprinted outside. Read story

METROnome: PRO TEENS' debut album is a light rail ride you should get on


Released Oct.3, “PRO TEENS” is the band’s full-length debut — and it’s addictive from the start. The songs flowed and meshed together to create a distinct, united and beautifully odd identity for the local group. Read story

A Tailored Place: 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week kicked off with a bang


This year’s Phoenix Fashion Week brought designers together to show off bold and vibrant patterns, including the columnist’s favorite: Paradise Place by Marly Kluge, which included gowns and high-waisted ensembles adorned in canary yellow and electric fuschia. Read story

Devil's Advocate: A beautiful exit, or my love affair with the Third Street off-ramp


You know the exit I’m talking about. This ramp shows the world that in the concrete wastelands created by the Valley’s freeways, beauty can be found. Read story