Devil's Advocate: Highlights of the semester


In celebration of the end of the academic semester, the Downtown Devil’s editors selected stories and columns that represented some of the publication’s best work of the past six months. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Festive


What better place to capture the feel of the holidays in Downtown Phoenix than CitySkate? I decided that to capture the feel of the holidays in a large city, a small personal moment would not cut it. Instead, I decided to capture the unending movement that is the city. Read story

Curtain Critic: Latino Initiatives Grant brings opportunity, questions about voice integration


The Arizona Theatre Company recently received a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for Latino community outreach and programming, which brings the opportunity for diverse voices of Phoenix to be heard. But it also raises important questions about how we integrate those voices into a sometimes white-washed theater community. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Motion is Fluid


When my camera’s moodiness destroyed all hopes for a seemingly perfect outcome, I had to let go of my control-freak nature. Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected. Though I had to loosen up, the final product was oddly liberating. Read story

Devilishly Healthy: Balancing downtime with work time during this finals season


If finals are getting you down, don’t worry! Devilishly Healthy columnist Wafa Shahid has some recommendations to keep you happy and healthy (or maybe just functioning). Read story

Curtain Critic: Phoenix Theatre brings magic to the holidays with Mary Poppins


Mary Poppins at Phoenix Theatre is incredibly imaginative. Directed by Michael Barnard, the combination of the bright and colorful backdrops and set designs, professional dancers, talented cast, expert lighting, costuming and music make the production a mesmerizing experience. Read story

Curtain Critic: 'Ecstatic Truth' explores themes of morality and religion with puppetry


Dain Q. Gore’s “Ecstatic Truth,” a puppet show at a pop-up exhibit in Hot Box Gallery, examines various aspects of life and the human experience. Read story

A Tailored Place: 2014 Stylos Awards celebrate culture, community and couture in style


On Saturday night, members of the downtown Phoenix community gathered for the ninth annual Stylos Awards, a triple-threat event that can only be described as an awards ceremony, a concert and a fashion show. Read story

Devil's Advocate: Moving further into in-depth territory with new multimedia and series


We are an online platform, gosh dang it, and it’s about time we start utilizing our platform. This means more award-winning radio and photos as well as graphics, maps and GIFs. Read story

Light Rail Confidential Case File 29: Stationary


When the light rail glides down First Avenue past the Circle K, she doesn’t look. Every day, she turns her body to face the opposite direction or wrenches her eyes tight, barely visible behind don’t-mess-with-me glasses. Read story