Devil's Advocate: By contributing to literary journals, you can help build a place's history


A publication in a literary journal is a resume builder, something to hand to your parents when they ask what exactly you did all semester, and, most of all, something to be proud of. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Fall came late


My favorite season is autumn, when the leaves change color and weather is just perfect — a wonderful mix where it is cooler than the summertime but warm enough to not need a sweater. When I heard the latest photo blog post was about the autumn trees, I knew that it was something I had to shoot. Read story

Devilishly Healthy: Welcome back!


Downtown Devil’s health and wellness blog Devilishly Healthy has returned for the spring semester. Columnist Wafa Shahid has some advice on how to successfully get back into the swing of school and work. Read story

Curtain Critic: '2 Pianos 4 Hands' at Phoenix Theatre showcases two actors' versatility


“2 Pianos 4 Hands” tells its story with just two actors, two grand pianos and no costume changes. In our curtain critic’s opinion, this strange mixture is a recipe for success for the show. Read story

Devil's Advocate: Arizona, MLK Day and the continued challenges of civil rights politics


Arizona’s 23rd official MLK Day is a good time to reflect on the state’s continued challenges — and occasional progress — in civil-rights politics. Read story

Devil's Advocate: Maybe all downtown students could join in the effort to #SupportLocal


Miguel Otarola, editor in chief of the Downtown Devil, reflects on his exploration of the gems in the downtown area and encourages his fellow students to step out of their comfort zone by supporting their local economy. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Pigeons


I was always hesitant about going up to someone and asking to take their photo. Years ago a mentor told me the worst that could happen was that they say no. Read story

Devil's Advocate: Highlights of the semester


In celebration of the end of the academic semester, the Downtown Devil’s editors selected stories and columns that represented some of the publication’s best work of the past six months. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Festive


What better place to capture the feel of the holidays in Downtown Phoenix than CitySkate? I decided that to capture the feel of the holidays in a large city, a small personal moment would not cut it. Instead, I decided to capture the unending movement that is the city. Read story

Curtain Critic: Latino Initiatives Grant brings opportunity, questions about voice integration


The Arizona Theatre Company recently received a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for Latino community outreach and programming, which brings the opportunity for diverse voices of Phoenix to be heard. But it also raises important questions about how we integrate those voices into a sometimes white-washed theater community. Read story