Devil's Advocate: Moving further into in-depth territory with new multimedia and series


We are an online platform, gosh dang it, and it’s about time we start utilizing our platform. This means more award-winning radio and photos as well as graphics, maps and GIFs. Read story

Light Rail Confidential Case File 29: Stationary


When the light rail glides down First Avenue past the Circle K, she doesn’t look. Every day, she turns her body to face the opposite direction or wrenches her eyes tight, barely visible behind don’t-mess-with-me glasses. Read story

Curtain Critic: 'Underland: White Nightmare II' a well-executed twist on 'Alice in Wonderland'


The Halo Movement Collective’s production of “Underland: White Nightmare II” proved to be a conceptual, rich and technical take on “Alice in Wonderland.” A strong vision carried this show into flashy and twisted terrain. Read story

Devilishly Healthy: How you can stay active this holiday season in downtown Phoenix


Cooler temperatures mean more hours to enjoy the Phoenix outdoors. What are some of the events happening around downtown Phoenix during these brisk months to engage residents in a healthy lifestyle? Read story

METROnome: Los Dias de la Crescent showcases downtown arts and community


For nearly eight hours, Los Dias de la Crescent—a free music festival hosted by the Crescent Ballroom—transformed the Civic Space Park into the heart of the Phoenix community and culture. Thirteen local bands unified the diverse community as they showcased their art for hundreds. Read story

Curtain Critic: Arizona Theatre Company's play 'Wait Until Dark' is a charming little thriller


Arizona Theatre Company’s production of “Wait Until Dark” was equal parts charming and thrilling, with a skilled cast and creative team, an engaging storyline and high-budget tech made effective by an unmatched attention to detail. Read story

Devil's Advocate: A look forward to changes, becoming the front page of downtown Phoenix


Changing our slogan represents the growth Downtown Devil has seen over the years and gives us a strong foundation for our future. Read story

Light Rail Confidential Case File 28: Purgatorio

A light-rail user reflects on their experience of riding public transit through observations of the people around them. Read story

Devilishly Healthy: Facing off with the flu


Living in an urban setting with lots of people in contact with one another lends to the quick spread of sickness, especially the flu. How can you avoid getting it — and if you do get it, how can you best keep yourself on track? Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Honoring our veterans


Downtown Devil photographer Nikiana Medansky visited the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade for this week’s Focus. Flash. Phoenix. The event led her to ponder her responsibilities as a citizen to veterans, including her grandfather. Read story