Devil's Advocate: Orion's 'The Existentialist Cookbook' merges humor and beauty


Local poet Shawnte Orion’s latest book is being published by a New York publisher. Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor Becky Brisley reflects on her relationship with Orion and poetry. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Reflections of laughter


It was interesting to see just her face reflected in the mirror, surrounded by a pool of black. There was so much mystery in the image, yet there was also a sense of comfort and sureness from her face staring back. Read story

Light Rail Confidential Case File 26: The suspicious reasons we don't talk to strangers


In the latest Light Rail Confidential, this writer observes an awkward, bloody interaction aboard the train, which later takes a dark and Orwellian turn. Read story

METROnome: Band's new single brings twist on indie folk


Defying stereotype, the Phoenix-based musicians of The Foster Family Band brought an atypical success to their genre with their new single, “heavy now you know the world.” Read story

Devilishly Healthy: Juicing and blending fad overtaking Phoenix offers real health benefits


Over the past few months, juicing and blending have become more than just ways to boost your health — they’ve become fads. Fads that just so happen to be very efficient ways to get your health back on track. Read story

Devil's Advocate: The place where I belong, or downtown Phoenix through my eyes


Assistant Photo Editor Amanda LaCasse has been admiring downtown Phoenix since she was a young girl staring out the window of the soaring Chase Tower. Her love for the city center has only grown as she’s explored the streets in college. Read story

Light Rail Confidential Case File 25: We don't let a lot of blood get in the way of iced coffee


In this week’s “Light Rail Confidential,” a shocking act of violence on the train leaves behind nothing but mystery. And blood. Read story

Curtain Critic: 'Bound' presents compelling movement, but lacks some sensitivity


“Bound,” the debut production by the promising Prolifics Dance Company, featured an energetic and compelling group of dancers. However, the large amount of pieces within the show left some unnecessary dances and a few unfinished ideas. Read story

METROnome: Meet our new music columnists


Emily Liu and Oren Simchy-Gross, both freshmen at the Walter Cronkite School, will be acting as columnists for METROnome this semester. (Molly Bilker/DD)

Let the music fanatics of downtown Phoenix rejoice, because METROnome is revamped and back in action. We’re Read story

A Tailored Place: Meet our new columnists


Meet the new fashion columnists for the Downtown Devil this semester, Savanah Yaghsezian and Libby Allnatt. Both freshmen journalism majors at ASU, they are new to the downtown Phoenix area and can’t wait to start exploring all the shops, events and hot spots around them. Read story