We’re back: Our site’s distinct commitment to downtown Phoenix


Following a summer break, Phoenix’s young reporters are back to the proving ground of downtown, hoping to make you think in ways you haven’t before. Read story

Focus. Flash. Phoenix: Festive


What better place to capture the feel of the holidays in Downtown Phoenix than CitySkate? I decided that to capture the feel of the holidays in a large city, a small personal moment would not cut it. Instead, I decided to capture the unending movement that is the city. Read story

Editorial: A new semester brings new leaders and new stories to the Downtown Devil


For the staff at Downtown Devil, downtown Phoenix has worked as a canvas. It’s a place where our aspirations can take any form they’d like through hard work creating content we’re proud to present to the public. Now five years strong, Downtown Devil, thanks to readers and leaders like you, has seen the uniqueness of the city, its nooks and crannies, and the people who breathe life into it. We couldn’t be more excited to be back for full-time publishing. Read story

Editorial: Downtown Devil celebrates 5 years, reflects upon its growth


We were young, naive and believed that we could make a difference in the campus and community — and we did. That same spirit still remains with the Downtown Devil five years later, as co-founder Salvador Rodriguez looks back at its beginnings. Read story

Editorial: Expansion of Downtown Devil board, new top editor position for the new year


With each passing semester, Downtown Devil aims to put itself in a position to give its staffers more opportunities and cover the downtown Phoenix area better. This semester is no different, as Downtown Devil has added a new top editor position and is expanding the organization’s managing board. Read story

Editorial: Downtown Devil launches internship program for high-school students


Downtown Devil launched the publication’s first ever internship program in collaboration with Bioscience High School. Ruby Ramirez, a Bioscience High senior, is Downtown Devil’s inaugural editorial intern. The internship will last through May 2014. Read story

Editorial: Downtown Devil moves to adopt more professional leadership structure


The Downtown Devil is excited to announce a change in its leadership structure, one that will more closely mirror that of major professional news organizations while maintaining its unique collaborative nature. Read story

Editorial: A downtown on the cusp of greatness

Phoenix Skyline_thumb

Downtown is Phoenix’s greatest hidden gem. This statement seems ridiculous to say, but it’s the best way I can describe it. It’s almost embarrassing though, calling the downtown of the sixth largest city in the country a hidden gem. Read story

Editorial: Let us do better


Today’s earlier editorial, “Editorial: Better of Downtown,” has been misconstrued as bitter, immature and disrespectful. None of that was our intention, and I apologize for any who were offended and felt that the critique became personal. Read story

Editorial: Better of Downtown


We got our hands on State Press Magazine’s Best of ASU last night, and after flipping through roughly 40 pages of non-Best-of content, we happened upon the Best of Downtown section. This spread was particularly interesting to us, an embedded, hyperlocal publication that exclusively serves the downtown community. Read story