Opinion: Prop. 104 is critically important for the future of transportation in Phoenix


President of the Thunderdome Neighborhood Association Sean Sweat writes why he thinks students should vote yes on Prop. 104. If passed, the proposition would replace the current 0.4 cent sales tax with a 0.7 cent sales tax that would go toward transit and streets. Read story

Op-ed: Saluting the Phoenix Public Library & Arizona’s largest literacy collaboration


Our Phoenix Public Library was recently named as a finalist for the 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor given to museums and libraries by the Institute of Museum and Library Services Read story

Opinion: Kramer ticket has experience to accomplish lofty goals


I have chosen to endorse Alexis Kramer for USGD president, and have joined her team to help her carry out what I believe is an ambitious but feasible agenda for moving USGD in the right direction. Read story

Opinion: Dedication, past success qualifies Smith for re-election


Leadership is something that must be earned, never handed to you. Frank Smith III, Corina Tapscott and Sally Lopez have truly demonstrated what it means, and what it takes, to be an efficient team. Read story

Opinion: Feast on the Street pieces together downtown community


April 13, 2013, will be remembered for many reasons — but mainly because it was the day a half-mile long dream came to life. Read story

Opinion: Phoenix-turned-Portland booster offers wisdom on transforming Phoenix


I have been a Phoenix booster for three years now. But last week I moved to Portland, and this has left a lot of people scratching their heads and some even upset that I bailed on them. Here’s what happened. Read story

Opinion: Loss of murals reflects changing arts, community landscape in Phoenix


Destruction is not new to Phoenix. This city has been torn down time and time again, but it has always come back. On Friday, a construction crew washed away Joseph “Sentrock” Perez’s mural on the west side of the Phoenix Public Market building. Read story

Opinion: A case for calling Phoenix home


Phoenix is not perfect, and it’s not for everyone, but for me it has become far more than simply a place to sleep and study. Phoenix is my home now, for better or worse, and I think you should consider it as well. Read story

Opinion: Downtown campus must encourage community interaction


The existence of an urban campus at ASU provides the opportunity for a truly unprecedented level of experience-based learning. We are not, however, operating anywhere near optimal levels of interaction, and the tension threatens to disenchant community leaders and students. Read story

Opinion: ASU, build the law school — but only if you reach for the sky


Sorry Tempe, but I want ASU’s law school to come downtown. But I’m also hoping against all hope that the building will be given a foundation that can support more height than ASU plans to build, because I guarantee it won’t be built in wood-frame and its currently-proposed design delivers a measly 3.5 Floor Area Ratio. Read story