Arizona student governments struggle to pinpoint issues for state Board of Regents

(Caleb Manning/DD)

Student government groups across the state have a chance to bring a student issue to state level, but selecting one could delay the opportunity until February. Read story

USGD faces unclear Arizona Board of Regents' policy, wants transparency for students


On Oct. 23, USGD passed a senate resolution designed to express USGD’s—and by extension students’—support for the Arizona Board of Regents’ agenda designed to reduce costs in the university system. Read story

ASU Downtown Student Government spearheading Board of Regents collaboration


ASU Undergraduate Student Government Downtown is part of the new Arizona Student Government Collaborative, which combines representatives from the three major Arizona universities with the goal of representing student voices to the Arizona Board of Regents and the state Legislature. Read story

State university presidents lobby House for performance-based funding bill


The presidents of the three major state universities lobbied for performance-based funding for their schools Thursday at the state Legislature. This comes just days after Gov. Doug Ducey’s State of the State address, where he proposed a budget plan that included reducing funding to Arizona universities by $75 million starting in 2016. Read story

Arizona Native American students to pay in-state tuition with revised residency policy


The Arizona Board of Regents approved a revision to its residency policy in November that allows enrolled members of Native American tribes to pay in-state tuition for the first time starting this semester. Read story

USGD meeting aims to inform students about proposed $150 annual athletics fee


USGD held a town hall meeting Monday to discuss the proposal of an athletics fee of $75 per semester. The fee would replace athletic funding currently apportioned from student tuition, freeing up approximately $10 million of tuition funds. The new fee will be exactly the cost of season tickets, meaning students will not have to purchase season tickets but will also no longer have the option of opting out. Read story

Teachers College receives grant to boost K-8 math scores in Roosevelt School District


Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to help raise mathematics achievements in K-8 students in the Roosevelt School District. Read story

Student ASA fee leads to lawsuit against Ariz. Board of Regents in First Amendment case

The Arizona Students Association filed a federal First Amendment lawsuit against the Arizona Board of Regents Tuesday morning. Read story

Arizona Board of Regents makes final decision on ASA fee, changes to opt-in contribution


After postponing a decision in the November Arizona Board of Regents meeting, the regents unanimously approved a proposal to make the controversial $2 fee optional for students; all university students will now need to actively choose to contribute. Read story

Board of Regents approves funding for UA clinical-research cancer center


The Arizona Board of Regents approved funding recently for a six-story, $100 million dollar cancer center at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix, set to open by 2015. Read story