USGD President Joseph Grossman wins re-election as first repeat Downtown president


Joseph Grossman is the 2012-2013 USGD president. Winning 63 percent of the votes, he is the first USGD president to be elected twice. (Photo illustration by Evie Carpenter/DD)

USGD President Joseph Grossman successfully won re-election by a vote of Read story

Judicial board overturns disqualification of USGD presidential candidate Green


After being disqualified on Monday, USGD presidential candidate Erika Green was re-qualified for the election early Thursday morning after the judicial board heard her appeal of the violation. The election’s winner will be announced around noon Thursday. Read story

Candidate profile: Joseph Grossman


USGD President Joseph Grossman has not been shy about his accomplishments in his year as president, and he hopes his record will win him re-election. Read story

Candidate profile: Erika Green


Erika Green, who has aimed to run a grassroots campaign focusing on getting students involved in student government, is the third candidate to be disqualified in as many years. Read story

Green disqualified, still on ballot while appealing decision


Downtown student government presidential candidate Erika Green was disqualified shortly before Tuesday and Wednesday’s election began, but her name will remain on the ballot as she appeals the decision. Read story

USGD presidential campaigns kick off


After a slow start, campaigning for USGD President began in full force Tuesday with both candidates and their supporters reaching out to students on Taylor Mall to spread their messages. Read story

Incumbent president touts record against newcomer in USGD debate


At the USGD debate, presidential candidates Erika Green and Joseph Grossman squared off on each others’ political experience and issues affecting the downtown campus. Read story

Candidates announced in election for next year's student government


The Downtown student government announced Monday who will be running for office this semester, with President Joseph Grossman and nonprofit leadership and management sophomore Erika Green headlining the two executive tickets. Read story