Squash Blossom cafe to open in old Pasta Bar location


Squash Blossom, near McKinley and First streets, will open around July 4. It will fill the space previously occupied by Pasta Bar and will offer a coffee and espresso bar. Read story

New restaurant plans to open in Pasta Bar location despite former business struggles

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A new catering company, Lester’s Catering Program, will open a cafe in the spot downtown that was previously occupied by Pasta Bar but has been vacant for the past four months. Read story

Editorial: Save Phoenix's gems with your business -- before it's too late

On the list of great Phoenix restaurants, Pasta Bar was way up there. It was a starter on the All-Star team, the kind of place you tell out-of-towners about so they’re impressed with your city. In terms of the quality of its food, it was easily top three in downtown Phoenix, and the atmosphere was great. Read story

Downtown Phoenix restaurants support local growers

Downtown Phoenix restaurant owners and workers say the benefits of locally grown, organic food outweigh the high prices they have to pay for them. Read story

Downtown Dining: Pasta Bar

Pasta Bar

Downtown Phoenix is not known for its nightlife, however there is Pasta Bar—a eatery dedicated to carb-based food—is open until 2 a.m. on weekdays. Read story