Student government appoints four students to Judicial Board


Four students were appointed to the USGD Judicial Board at Friday’s Senate meeting, filling the board’s vacancies and giving the Downtown campus a working third branch of government. Read story

ASASUD passes new bylaws amid resignations and withheld stipends

On the last meeting of the semester, ASASUD discuessed issues including the revision of the senate bylaws, one senator’s announcement to step down for the next semester and a funding request. Read story

ASASUD approves $46,000 for campus recreation

After heavy debate and discussion, the ASASUD Senate voted to approve a funding request of $45,938.10 by Downtown student recreation. Read story

ASASUD appoints two, debates funding requests

Two new members have been appointed to ASASUD, while student organizations received limited funding amid discussions about fiscal concerns in a special ASASUD Senate session on Friday. Read story

Campus lacks political presence

Despite harsh budget cuts and increasing tuition at ASU, student political organizations are doing little to get students involved at the downtown campus. Read story