Bioscience High School senior wins prestigious Flinn Scholarship for leadership, volunteering


Bioscience High School senior Samantha Su Taylor was recently awarded a Flinn Scholarship, making her the first student from the school to ever receive this prestigious merit. Read story

Combine Studios sunflower art exhibit proves longevity of Valley of the Sunflowers project


ASU graduate students in the Herberger Institute School of Art’s printmaking program took the sunflower stalks grown during the last Valley of the Sunflowers season, turned them into paper and asked local artists to create artwork out of it. Read story

Valley of Sunflowers undergoes last harvest, leaves lasting impression on community


Volunteers from across the Valley helped to complete the second and final harvest of downtown Phoenix’s Valley of the Sunflowers project Saturday morning. Read story

Slide show: Valley of the Sunflowers begins final harvest


Volunteers kicked off the final harvest of the Valley of the Sunflowers project at Sixth and Garfield streets. More than a dozen turned out to brave the high temperatures and help harvest the sunflowers, which will be turned into biodiesel by the Phoenix Union Bioscience High School. Read story

Volunteers support urban gardening with completion of Valley of the Sunflowers


The Valley of the Sunflowers project is in its final season in its current location, but could pop up in another vacant lot in the future. Read story

Community event brings 800 volunteers to Roosevelt Row


An army of more than 800 volunteers in blue shirts flooded Roosevelt Row Wednesday morning. Their mission: to revitalize and beautify the Roosevelt Row area in three hours. Read story

Opinion: Together, we're bringing downtown Phoenix to life


The Downtown campus is headed in the right direction, and ASU administration, local businesses and downtown advocates are all continuing to work to make it better. Read story

Community leaders break ground for new sunflower field


The Valley of the Sunflowers project broke ground Friday at the corner of N. Sixth Street and E. Garfield Street. The cooperative effort between the City of Phoenix, the Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation, Phoenix Union Bioscience High School and Intel will produce two crops of sunflowers, one in the fall and one in the spring. Read story

Vacant downtown lot soon to be location of sunflower field, science project


Valley of the Sunflowers will plant and harvest sunflowers twice a year on a two-acre vacant lot in downtown Phoenix. Read story