Nonprofits set tone of “Action, Advocacy, Arts” Exhibition


Photos by Dan Neligh

Approximately 30 nonprofit organizations were featured at the fourth annual Urban Gallery Exhibition, “Action, Advocacy and Arts,” which was held in the University Center at ASU’s Downtown campus on April 3.

The presence of the many nonprofit organizations could be felt throughout the exhibition. This was one of the goals set by ASU Community Liaison Malissa Geer, who was one of the main coordinators for the exhibit.

“Even if there were only the entertainers and nonprofits, it would have been a success,” Geer said.

According to Geer, the nonprofit organizations were strategically placed in a way so that they could speak with each other and network in order to create future opportunities.

“I think it went great,” Volunteer Coordinator and Director of Transformation for the Lodestar Day Resource Center Dawn Shires said.

Shires, who represented a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless individuals make positive life changes, said that it was very beneficial to be able to walk around and speak with other groups.

It was evident that a number of groups took advantage of the opportunities created through the event. Many found that after making facilitated attempts to network, even more prospects for serving the community would be available in the future.

“I have made a bunch of new friends,” Advocacy Dialogue Facilitator for Neighborhood Ministries Kit Danley said. She later added: “Who knows at the end of the day how many connections were made.”

Danley said that the night was a way to “celebrate the fact that our community has so much cultural health and passion.”

Although the underlying achievements made throughout the night by the nonprofit organizations to network with each other seemed to be masked by the abundance of performances and artwork, it was clear that they accomplished what they aimed to do.

“This once-a-year event is a way to bring them together in hopes that they can gain visibility,” Geer said. “And celebrating it in an artistic way makes it all come together.”

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