2009-2010 ASASUD presidential candidates


Duyen Tran | Journalism freshman

ASASUD presidential candidate Duyen Tran
(Stephanie Snyder/DD)

If I am elected President, I will acknowledge all problems and challenges, without ever having to point fingers or blame, and instead, work harder to find solutions.

I am a dedicated individual who is committed to equally representing and advocating for students of all ages. Students deserve someone who they can easily approach and count on, and I will make it my mission to let everyone’s voice be heard.

A community will be built together through communication and unity. No one will feel alienated under my Presidency; Student government is a team that will need to work well together everyday to bring key changes.

I have been a student leader all my life. I understand students deserve to know the truth and to understand what is really going down with their student government and leaders.

Just remember we have experience, drive and enthusiasm! Make the right choice by voting Duyen P. Tran and Christina Lundeberg for President and Vice President of ASASUD; we will be there for you through both the good and the bad times.

Tania Mendes | Journalism freshman

ASASUD presidential candidate Tania Mendes
(Stephanie Snyder/DD)

As the downtown Phoenix campus begins to grow with increasing enrollment, new programs and businesses surrounding our community, so should our campuses student government.

The student voice needs to be heard to bring about change on the DPC. We need to strengthen the relationship between student government and the students of downtown. We need to take advantage of all the wonderful things this campus has to offer and be the voice of change.

If elected, I plan to reconstruct student government and advocate for students. I will do this by directly communicating with the students, consulting with them and listening to their questions and concerns. I want to have the student voice be the foundation for student government and build our house on issues we believe in such as affordable higher education.

I am not only passionate about student government and higher education, but I am extremely dedicated and motivated to spark change on our campus and community.


Olga Lykhvar | Nonprofit leadership and management junior

ASASUD presidential candidate Olga Lykhvar
(Stephanie Snyder/DD)

Before transferring to ASU, I graduated from a community college where I excelled academically and participated in many extracurricular activities. I served as vice president for Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society, and as the director of public relations for student government.

I started courses at ASU’s Downtown campus in the Fall of 2008 to pursue a degree in nonprofit leadership and management. I created the NLM Student Association and currently serve as its president. I am also a member of American Fundraising Professionals. I work part time for the Student Campus and Community Development and actively participate in the downtown community by volunteering.

Upon being elected as President I will create a community by encouraging civic engagement and build bridges with the downtown community. I will enhance student life by working closely with PAB to spread the word about campus events. I will ensure that ASASUD funds are used responsibly and that student government is transparent. I will unite our campus by encouraging student organizations, departments and other groups to work together.


Rabia Abdulmajeed | Nursing junior

ASASUD presidential candidate
(Stephanie Snyder/DD)


I am Rabia Abdulmajeed and the current president of ASASUD. I am re-running on solely the belief that I am the best-qualified candidate.

I played an important and critical role this past year in establishing ASASUD and setting the foundation for student government on our campus.

I run on five simple platforms: Change, Advocacy, Communication, Legacy and experience. I am concerned about changing and engaging students and their attitudes about student government. I want to continue building that bridge of communication between the students and our community.

There is no other individual as passionate and motivated as I am about ASASUD. I am a superb leader who comprehends the desire to commit to excellence and go far beyond what is expected of me. I comprehend that as a leader my courage to fulfill my vision and focus on priorities comes from the passion within and not the position. I would like to get another opportunity to move ASASUD forward with the vision I started and continue making that difference needed on the campus on behalf of the downtown student!

The Downtown Devil edited parts of the candidates’ messages to give each individual an equal opportunity.