Hsin to give students new dining experience in early August

Hsin, a Chinese restaurant that will be located within the ground-floor retail space of Taylor Place, is hoping to offer Downtown ASU students additional dining options. The project's coordinator expects Hsin to open in early August. (DD/Stephanie Snyder)

“Quick-serve” and “freshly-cooked” are the keywords of the newest dining addition to the Downtown campus.

Hsin, a Chinese restaurant located on First Street on the first floor of Taylor Place, is currently going through tenant improvements but is expected to open in early August, said Marc Striker, owner of Frontier Commercial, the project’s coordinator.

Striker said the new restaurant, which he described as a fairly contemporary quick-serve restaurant with Asian culture items, will accept Sun Dollars and is working with Aramark to accept Maroon and Gold Dollars as well.

Striker said it is important for Hsin to accept these payment methods because it caters to students.

“The students are the main customer base there, and making it as convenient as possible is what (the owners of Hsin) want to do,” Striker said.

Striker said they have to wait until the business is ready to open before they can go through the application process and receive the necessary equipment to accept Maroon and Gold Dollars.

“There’s a process that you have to go through,” Striker said. “You can’t just all of a sudden start accepting (Maroon and Gold Dollars).”

Striker also said that Hsin also plans to have student specials.

“They will probably have – if not a daily but a weekly special – that may be something a little more quick order, maybe something to go, and try to offer that as a discount for the students,” Striker said.

Ben Juang, co-owner of the restaurant with his brother, compared the restaurant to Panda Express, but said Hsin’s food will be freshly cooked.

“That can provide a better quality and healthy meal for college students,” Juang.

Juang said the name of the restaurant comes from his father’s first name and is actually pronounced “Shin.”

This will be the Juang family’s first restaurant in Arizona after previously owning multiple restaurants, Striker said. The Juang family is also in preliminary plans to open several more restaurants in the state, with the next being near ASU’s Tempe campus.

Striker said the restaurant will be open year-round and currently plans to be open during “later hours,” which 11 p.m. being the set time for now.

Striker said the owners of Hsin and his company had brainstorming sessions where they put themselves in students’ positions.

“Having all of us gone through a university before and remember what the difficulties were: the freshness of the food, the hours of operation, the ability to get in and get out quickly, be able to have to-go food, being able to accept meal dollar plans, the location,” Striker said. “We sat down and talked about all those things.”

Striker said everything remains subject to change, “but they’re trying to make it as convenient as possible for the students.”

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