Vasquez speaks on the Blaze 1330 AM


ASASUD president and vice-president-elects Christian Vasquez and Jessica Abercrombie made an appearance on ASU’s the Blaze 1330 AM on Wednesday night to discuss their declination to undergo a third-party review regarding the disqualification of the freshmen Andres Cano and Vaughn Hillyard campaign.

Vasquez and Abercrombie were interviewed on The Blaze’s news show Firestorm regarding their decision to not go before a student government supreme court of one of ASU’s other campuses, despite the recommendation to do so from the ASASUD Election Committee.

Vasquez said the Election Committee’s recommendation of what should be reviewed by another campus’ supreme court wasn’t clear.

“It said ‘You can take this issue to the supreme court,’ so whether than was an appeal, the disqualification or what-have-you, it wasn’t very clear on what actually could be taken to the supreme court,” he said on Firestorm.

Also, Vasquez said the Downtown campus already has its rules and procedures in this year’s Election Code. Vasquez said other campus’ supreme courts aren’t meant to be used for Downtown campus issues.

“We did not want to take the Downtown campus and say ‘You know what, we can’t handle this, let’s have another campus decide the fate of the Downtown campus,’” he said on Firestorm. “I haven’t seen anything in our constitution or policy-wise that even says that another supreme court can even rule on something that’s not on their campus.”

Vasquez said they will reach out to Cano and Hillyard as they move forward.

“We really want to work with Andres and Vaughn, making sure any points they have that their supporters wanted that we make sure that we address those,” he said on Firestorm. “Making sure that we’re all working together.”

Vasquez said have already felt high levels of opposition and expect that to continue.

“Opposition, in any course of life, is inevitable,” Abercrombie said on Firestorm. “You can’t make both sides happy, ever. Whether you’re officiating a basketball game or it’s in politics, you only ever make one side happy and I think the most trying and challenging job of a leader is to please everyone and that notion is, I think, essentially impossible.

“But what sets aside a true leader is someone who goes through any matter of great lengths to try their best to attain that.”

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Correction: April 15, 2010

An earlier version of this article stated incorrectly the Blaze radio station’s name. It’s the Blaze 1330 AM, not the Blaze 1260 AM.