ASASUD appoints Judiciary Board member

ASASUD announced it appointed the first member of its Judiciary Board at its biweekly Senate meeting Friday morning. (Salvador Rodriguez/DD)

Drew Sexton, a political science junior, will serve on the Judiciary Board, which meets at least three times a year and is responsible for interpreting the ASASUD constitution.

Sexton “really wants to make an impact on the downtown campus,” said Christian Vasquez, the ASASUD President. “I think he will be able to handle anything that comes up in a fair manner.”

Sexton said that student government on the Downtown campus has continued to grow over the last two years and needs more people to participate in it.

“I will be a good member of the Judiciary Board because I am ready to take an active role in the student government,” Sexton said. “It is something I am definitely dedicated to.”

Other roles Judiciary Board members take on during the year include understanding the election rules and violations, making sure the candidates are playing by the rules and overseeing the impeachment process, if there is one, Sexton said.

“I understand the strengths and weaknesses of this campus and I want to take an active role in bettering these weaknesses,” he said. “I want to move the campus forward.”

Sexton is currently the only member of the Judiciary Board. There are four more spots that need to be filled before the Judiciary Board is full.

Brittany Harris, a liberal arts and sciences junior, was also appointed as a senator for the School of Letters and Sciences.

“I think she’ll be a good addition to the Senate,” said Sen. Pedro Silva, of Barrett, the Honors College. “Despite her inexperience with student government, she presented herself really well.”

Harris was previously nominated for the senate seat unsuccessfully on Aug. 27.

“Even though the Senate did not vote for her the first time, she reapplied and that shows persistence, which is always an admirable quality,” Silva said.

Currently, there are four open Senate positions that need to be filled—one for the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, one Freshman Senator position and two seats for University College. Interviews are still going on for the freshman position.

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This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: September 13, 2010

An earlier version of this article stated incorrectly the name of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College as the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education.