Downtown Dance Team hosts holiday event

What would have been a quiet Monday night at Taylor Place was revived with some holiday cheer thanks to the Downtown Dance Team’s hosting of “TP So You Think You Can Dance,” a holiday-themed dance concert and competition in the Taylor Place shade garden.

The event was set in an ambiance of Christmas lights and snowflakes, with hot chocolate, cider and holiday treats offered by the dance team.

With pulsing beats, social work freshman Dianne Smith and nursing sophomore Taylor Williams were the first to perform with a hip-hop duet.

“Anything with dancing, I’m going to do it,” Smith said. “(We picked Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’) because we’re tired of dudes calling our phones, and tonight we’re doing a girl thing.”

Williams added that looming finals and the stress of the end of the semester made performing more worthwhile.

“(The last week has been) study then dance; study then dance,” she said. The performance “is a huge relief.”

The next performance featured all members of the Downtown Dance Team dressed in all black with bows and ribbons — usually reserved for presents under a Christmas tree — wrapped around their bodies and in their hair.

Advertised as an event for students to “strut (their) stuff for all (their) friends to see,” DDT opened the dance floor to audience members to add their own moves to the disc jockey’s beats. Ashton Davis, the first male member of DDT, brought friends so they could show their moves.

Davis said some friends had been dancing since age eight and deserved a chance to show their moves; the same chance DDT gave to him.

“I didn’t know it was for girls only at first, but they still accepted me because I was able to do the material,” Davis said. “I still do more dancing outside (of DDT), but it’s fun here.”

Journalism junior and DDT President Tracey Corenman said the team is trying to raise money for uniforms by selling “candygrams.”

“It’s a long and painful process, and fifty cents per candygram isn’t going to do a whole lot, but we’re trying to get our foot in the door, start a fund,” Corenman said.

Corenman said she was pleased with the event’s attendance and how much the organization has grown this semester.

“From the moment I got to ASU I knew I wanted to be on a dance team, and it was great to see our supporters in the dorm,” she said. “We did our best to get (the word) out with posters in the dorm, on Facebook and text message, and just crossed our fingers. I’d say we had a pretty good turnout.”

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