Twitter records show ASASUD president, others tweeted during Senate meeting

(From right) Sens. Joel Bumanglag and Natasia Bongcas were two ASASUD Senators who posted to Twitter during Friday's Senate meeting. President Christian Vasquez and Vice President Jessica Abercrombie also tweeted while the meeting was taking place. (Kristin Fankhauser/DD)
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At least four ASASUD student government members, including President Christian Vasquez, made posts on Twitter throughout Friday’s Senate meeting.

One tweet posted by Vasquez, which was retweeted by Sens. Natasia Bongcas and Joel Bumanglag during the meeting, read, “Karma sucks doesn’t it? S my D.

Although “S my D” is commonly used as an insult, Vasquez said he was unaware and that he used it to mean “support my decision.”

Vasquez also said that the tweet was in reference to a text message he received during the meeting, and that it had nothing to do with ASASUD.

“That tweet was something personal,” Vasquez said. “People think my life (revolves) around ASASUD … I still have a personal life.”

When asked why two senators would retweet a personal tweet that wasn’t in reference to ASASUD, Vasquez said, “People retweet me all the time. … I don’t know why.”

At approximately the same time as Vasquez posted the tweet, Vice President Jessica Abercrombie also posted a tweet, which read, “K for #karma.”

Abercrombie could not be reached for an explanation of her tweet.

The meeting began at around 1:30 p.m. and ran past its regular 3:30 p.m. end time.

As many of the ASASUD student government members’ accounts on Twitter are private, the Downtown Devil was made aware of the posts and received screen shots of the tweets from a member of the downtown Phoenix community who requested to remain anonymous.

The time stamps on the tweets indicate that many of the posts were made while Jose Rios Lua, ASASUD director of parliamentary procedures, performed a review of the Senate.

However, Vasquez and Beth Wischnia, ASASUD director of public relations, said there was no connection between the tweets and ASASUD.

Andres Cano, who spoke to request funding on behalf of the ASU Downtown Young Democrats, was last person to speak prior to Rios Lua. He said it is unfortunate to see student government leaders engage in this kind of dialogue during an official meeting.

“Downtown students deserve more from the people they’ve elected to represent them,” Cano said.

The two senators who retweeted Vasquez’s tweet — Bongcas and Bumanglag — also posted several tweets of their own during the meeting.

Bumanglag posted, “@c_vas I put up my e-mail when the photographers come around. LOL” and “@c_vas Cass is watchin you tweet up a storm ;) LOL jp.

C_vas is Vasquez’s Twitter username.

Following the publication of this article, Bumanglag, who also posted on Facebook during the meeting, said in an e-mail, “My tweets are personal, private and irrelevant to students.”

Bongcas also posted several tweets during the meeting, including, “@Jo_LBumanglag please.. don’t make me put you on blast! SMDH @icanseco @dcolbert101.”

Jo_LBumanglag, icanseco and dcolbert101 are the Twitter usernames of Bumanglag, Judicial Board member Irma Canseco and Sen. Daiyaan Colbert, respectively.

Bongcas could not be reached for comment.

Despite the tweets during Friday’s meeting, there are no plans to control the posting.

“People can tweet whatever they want,” Wischnia said. “We certainly aren’t going to regulate it.”

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Contact the reporter at

Correction: February 9, 2011

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Jose Rios Lua’s last name as “Lua” on second reference. His last name is Rios Lua.


  1. “Although “S my D” is commonly used as an insult, Vasquez said he was unaware and that he used it to mean “support my decision.” ”


  2. I am not impressed with this story. At this point the Downtown Devil is just picking on ASASUD. The only news value you see is your resentment toward the individuals elected. My respect for this story vanishes when your tweet screenshots came from an anonymous source. It is very unethical from a journalistic point of view.

  3. Why is this a news story? Downtown Devil…please stop embarrassing yourself. Everyone knows you don’t like ASASUD. We get it.

  4. Wow I have to agree with all of the above post. I feel like the Downtown Devil is going out of their way to find dirt on ASASUD. They need to find someone else to hate. Maybe more people will read the Downtown Devil then.

  5. Many people are commenting on this story with responses that indicate that this is “unethical” journalism, even going so far as to compare coverage of ASAUD to TMZ.
    Newflash: THIS IS NOT LESS IMPORTANT NEWS. This is not gossip. These are facts.
    This is an example of ridiculously poor judgment on the part of OUR LEADERSHIP. So I ask you quite seriously,
    DON’T WE ALL DESERVE BETTER? Don’t YOU deserve better?

  6. Hey Shannon,

    Apparently you read the downtown devil as evidenced by your post. It must be doing alright for itself.

  7. I don’t really know too much about the newsworthiness of the story, but I do know that elected officials need to be careful with how they use social media. People are watching all the time and if you don’t like it, get out of politics.

  8. This might not be the most important story. But Christian’s quote makes it newsworthy because it is completely ridiculous. If you can’t see how crazy it is for someone to say that, I don’t know what to tell you.

  9. To be honest, Katelynn, the context of the tweets neither surprise nor amuse me… and I’m sure most students on the downtown campus could also care less about them. ASASUD is given more credit than it deserves at this point as a student org. I’d rather read about people who are actually doing something on campus.

  10. Andie, what evidence in this article indicates that these tweets were about ASASUD aside from the fact that they were tweeted and retweeted during a Senate meeting? All people mentioned in this article are members of many other student organizations and also have personal lives. If these tweets were personal or an inside joke amongst a group of peers, what business is it of The Downtown Devil? It then becomes gossip.

    What does The Downtown Devil suppose these tweets were about? Are other students (aside from Andres Cano, an ex-ASASUD member and the center of heated Student Government controversy in the past) concerned about Senate members tweeting during meetings? Should this article not be mainly about the use of Social Media during student organization meetings and citing this as a previous incident?

    This article cites an anonymous source which in journalism is typically a no-no. Someone sent someone some screenshots on their phone of some tweets that no one really knows what they were about. Do you see where I am going?

    I suggest that The Downtown Devil refrains from publishing articles until an appropriate amount of substantial and concrete evidence is collected. Until then, I’d rather not see fellow student leaders’ names smeared across headlines for updating Twitter during a meeting.

  11. Anne-yes I agree that in this case, the use of an anonymous source seems a bit questionable even though they may be used in extreme situations. I will say that I like your story suggestion. I think this article would have potential if it had more substance or a different angle.

  12. Despite the fact that it may resemble “TMZ” and “Gossip”, the moral of the story is the unprofessional attitude that ASASUD members are showing on their Twitter accounts, even if it’s outside of ASASUD. Yes, he may have a life outside of ASASUD, but Vasquez chose to take on an important position of being President. Therefore, he should be a little more aware of the things he says online and show a little more professionalism on his twitter account in which the followers of his account may not necessarily be his personal friends, but fellow students of ASU.

  13. Im starting to think that the downtown devil only focuses on ASASUD. There are so many other things happening in downtown in regards to students. And as far as tweeting during a meeting, I say someone should see if the reporters tweet during class or work etc. Im sure someone knows part of their class schedule. How about you guys start working with students to find out what is happening downtown.

  14. Everyone is guilty of being on Facebook or Twitter during a class or meeting. However, these people are elected officials who have responsibilities and I think this story is exactly what the voting public needs to know. Everyone has a personal life that they get upset about, but if you are being watched, tweeting about it probably isn’t the best idea. As for the Downtown Devil being too focused on ASASUD, that’s like saying that any other news organization is too focused on what’s going on in government. Government is a huge part of life and at the Downtown campus of ASU, that’s ASASUD. Not to mention, it does have some entertainment value. Katelynn is right, it’s pretty funny.

  15. HAHA what a joke this article is. Being a student myself, I believe I can speak on behalf of most students who could care less about the executive board and senator’s PRIVATE tweets. It is no ones business what they are talking about in private, and what they say should not be discussed. Its pathetic that journalists are even stalking their tweets because they simply have nothing better to write about. This article is based off of false assumptions and gossip and you should be ashamed as a journalist to have written it. No one deserves to have their personal conversations that are completely irrelevant to ASAUSD discussed and talked about over the internet. Christian does an awesome job at representing ASAUSD as well as the senators and other executive members, and there are MANY more important topics that should be talked about and focused on. What a waste of time this article was.

  16. Definitely agree with Diana!
    Also find the statement “People think my life (revolves) around ASASUD …” to be a little unnerving. As president, isn’t this supposed to be a primary part of your life? Understood you have a life outside of school. I get that. But this statement is very dismissive of the organization you head.

    “People retweet me all the time. … I don’t know why.” Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

  17. I agree with Kaylie T. The fact that the Downtown Devil is focusing articles on people’s tweets is embarrassing. No other campus has any other “news” publication that writes about such ridiculousness. I know that sometimes it’s hard to find stories to write about, but the downtown campus is buzzing with newsworthy issues. The fact that the Downtown Devil deliberately decides to ignore the positive things that ASASUD does just discredits DD as a new source and this “journalist” Connor as a desperate and unethical reporter.

  18. Where’s Gossip Girl when you need her? In these trying times, we could really use her sage advice. XOXO – Samuel Clemens, a k a Mark Twain, from the grave

  19. The media has reported that there is a generational difference in people’s ability to multitask. Frankly, I find it hard to concentrate on too many things at once. It’s why I, as a professor, ask students not to text, Tweet, check/post FB, etc, while in class: I expect them to be present to the material we’re covering for 75 minutes at a time. I think it’s too bad if this is pervasive: “Everyone is guilty of being on Facebook or Twitter during a class or meeting.” My boss doesn’t pay me to Tweet in faculty meetings; he pays me to pay attention and contribute to the discussion at hand. I can’t imagine that will change in the work world any time soon. Participating in class and in student organizations while in College should prepare people for that world, and so I hope the serious students at least will begin to model the behavior we expect at work and in our various communities. So, even if you are a champion multi-tasker, I would argue that there are some times when doing just one thing (like being in class, contributing to a meeting) is appropriate.

  20. Being an ASASUD member from the very beginning, I can say that over the past almost 2 years, we have had numerous accomplishments that have unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, gone unnoticed in the Downtown Devil. Instead, other, more fluffy “informal dirt” as I like to call it, have all made a splash. I have a few suggestions for positive stories regarding the work that ASASUD is doing this semester:

    1. At our last senate meeting, ASASUD took an official stance opposing the bills being introduced at the state level which would allow students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus. Please reference our meeting minutes which can be found at for a breakdown of the specifics and a link to the bills.

    2. This past weekend, ASASUD representatives, Arizona Student Association interns, and other downtown elected officials participated in LobbyCon. LobbyCon is a 3 day training weekend concentrating on learning the ins and outs of lobbying our public officials. Students participated in workshops and trainings that gave them all the necessary skills and resources to attend our….

    3. LobbyDay. On Feb. 16th, ASASUD, GPSA, USG, ASASUP and ASASUW along with students from the U of A, NAU, and multiple community colleges from across the state will be at the Capitol lobbying about budget cuts to higher education that were proposed in the FY11 budget.

    Based off of the comments written about this story, I would suggest to stop blatantly ignoring ASASUD’s accomplishments instead of focusing on things from someone’s personal life that we all know would cause a flurry of uproar just like most ASASUD-related articles posted on this website do. Please let me know if you do decide to write anything about the topics I suggested above, and if you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

    -Abby Wischnia
    – ASASUD Arizona Students’ Association Director

  21. Abby,

    I’m not sure how you figure the first two “accomplishments” you listed are newsworthy.

    Taking an official stance against a bill?
    Let me try and write the lede for that story.
    “On Tuesday the ASASUD all agreed they don’t want guns on school grounds”
    Can I get a collective duh?
    What exactly did that official stance accomplish anyways?
    Saying we don’t like something doesn’t do much.

    As for the second, students attend conferences all the time. That’s nothing.
    I ask again, what exactly was accomplished for the students of ASU by representatives attending a 3-day gathering?

    And then there’s your last point. Which hasn’t even taken place yet. How can you criticize this publication for not running a story on something that hasn’t even occurred?

  22. This article should cause great concern to not only downtown students but every student at ASU. Lets look at a few points.
    1. ASASUD members have personal lives?!?!?!?! This absolutely must stop. We must immediately revert to the old system where members are created in test tubes and put away after every meeting. It is an outrageous atrocity to think that they have free will or any capacity for decision making. Perhaps we should just abolish ASASUD and put the Downtown Devil in charge. I know i would personally be pleased if every decision made in my student government was made with anonymity so no one could be held accountable.
    2. Why the hell is ASASUD wasting our time with silly meetings, votes, and student betterment when all of our resources could be put into this sort of fantastic and reliable investigative journalism. I would propose to shut down ASASUD and use all of its members to staff the Downtown Devil however no one on the Downtown Devil has a twitter and the high transparency and solid ethics of ASASUD would get in the way of their fantastic reporting. Perhaps we should have ASASUD take a class from Kenneth Lay and Bernard Ebbers to prepare for the Downtown Devils ethical standards.
    3. Who decided it was a good idea for people to be able to make their own tweets??? We would clearly be better off if the Downtown Devil handled all twitter and facebook postings in order to better confuse everyone where the tweets came from. We would clearly all be much better off if the amazing, factual, reliable, relevant, and totally not time wasting type of reporting found in this story dominated the social network instead of todays clearly heinous and destructive personal tweets.
    P.S. We should clearly look into that Abercrombie person. Her name obviously means she is colluding with A&F corporation in order to bring down the Downtown Devil and rule over asu’s downtown campus. I have this information on good authority from a source who wished to remain anonymous due to his fear of not getting a treat or a walk from Abercrombie later today.

  23. I think the main point is that at meetings people should be focusing on what is being discussed instead of paying attention to their twitter/facebook. If the senators would rather be messing around online than why are they involved in student government? I feel like their actions show that they don’t care and have better things to be doing with their time than helping make the downtown campus better. If that’s the truth, than they can resign and give the position to someone who DOES care and will make a difference. And on the slight chance that they do care, is it that big of a deal to put away the laptop/phone for a short amount of time to focus on the issue at hand? Private tweets can be saved for later.

  24. The story is about people doing something that can be perceived as negative while at their job. If you do not think tweeting and facebooking during a job meeting is wrong, then that is fine. You are entitled to that opinion. That does not however, make him a bad journalist or this a bad article. He is simply reporting a story that a downtown student might care about.

    It is not a witch hunt nor is downtown devil trying to take down ASASUD. If they do something negative(or what many people would consider negative), negative press occurs. If they do something positive( like the drinking fountain article Evie Carpenter wrote about earlier this year), then positive press occurs.

  25. Have we nothing better to do than to put down other student organizations? I personally draw when I am in class, does that mean I am not listening? Would you like to take a picture of my drawing and then have someone anonymously interpret it to be something it is not? All of the people listed in the article are hard working students who are working on the behalf of other students. All of them have been responsible for positive change within ASU. If you really must put down a group of people, try to make sure it is a group of people who is working against the student population and hindering student efforts, maybe then you will gain some support for your article. This article was unnecessary and a huge step back in the credibility of Downtown Devils News. I hope you decide to publish articles of a better nature in the future.

  26. I think we need to investigate this Haribo guy because clearly he is colluding with gummy bears.

  27. It’s really time for this to stop. I’m not taking sides or anything, because I can definitely understand both sides of the issue. But the fact is, people on both sides have been doing nothing but clashing and butting heads ever since the “scandal” from the previous election. I think the fact that this article was written is certainly representative of sensationalized journalism, but also the fact that high-ranking officials of ASASUD are openly trashing this publication in the comments above is representative of how no one has really gotten over the differences. And I completely agree with Nicole Gilbert in saying that I would rather read articles about organizations that are making a positive difference in the community.

  28. When you become an elected official, you put yourself in the direct line of fire. Twitter is a form of social media available via a very public avenue I would like to call the internet. We all know that ASASUD needs a serious revamp where professionalism is involved- and this is evidence of it. I am not paying a roundabout amount of $600 to my representatives each year to text, tweet and Facebook while they should be appealing to their constituency. While the Downtown Devil should not have used an anonymous source – they fact of that matter is that this was posted online for eyes to see- it’s high time that our representation kept their personal lives OUT OF meetings and knew what is and isn’t appropriate to post online.

  29. Yo Im really happy for you and imma let you finish but Bill Clinton had the best explanation for S my D of all time. OF ALL TIME

  30. Hello,

    I would like to let you all know that there are multiple open ASASUD Senate seats, and it just so happens two of them belong to Cronkite and Barrett. These two seats were recently left vacant by students you elected last spring. Michelle is studying abroad and Dustin resigned last Friday because he was offered a position as an editor for the Downtown Devil, weird no? Maybe if more students attended Senate meetings we would have a better topic to comment on. Unfortunately we don’t see very many students other than the students requesting funding and the reporters (who are apparently only there to write gossip columns). If you are a concerned student and think you deserve better then please apply for a Senate position or at the very least attend a meeting so you can share your thoughts and feelings with us in person.

    Cailyn Bradley
    Cronkite Senator

  31. The writer of this article has just put his credibility to a halt. Who honestly wants to read about somebodies personal tweets? I don’t care who you are or what your position is, their personal for a reason. Are we going to start looking into ASU students facebooks, and twitters now? If it’s okay to write this article… than the direction must be heading that way and what a joke that would be. If I were Cristian I would feel personally violated and offended. I think the writer of this articles mind must be in the gutter and simply has nothing better to write about.

  32. First off Christian you just made yourself look like a bigger idiot than ever before for thinking that people are actually going to buy that you didn’t know that ‘s my d’ meant suck my dick, you aren’t fooling anyone! Did you really think people were going to buy that you thought it mean support my decision?! You should be impeached, it’s not like you’re doing anything worthwhile anyways. And Jessica your whole ‘k is for karma’ comment, way to show your immaturity. Why can’t you and Christian just get over your power trip and actually do something good for the downtown campus, we’re all waiting for all those promises to come true.

    Alexandra who are you to step in and tell people not to gossip?? Look in the mirror! Yeah we all get that people have personal lives outside of their school commitments, but don’t you think they should stay separate you know that whole leave your baggage at the door saying? And why are you sticking up for something that’s so unprofessional? Aren’t you president of RHA downtown?? Wouldn’t it upset you if your so called dedicated members were tweeting, facebooking, or texting during your meeting? Or wait your members are the same so I guess you must be used to it.

    You all need to grow up and get over that whole ASASUD presidency crap from last year. So please either step down or shut up, we are all tired of hearing about it. I’m now ashamed to be a Downtown Devil because of how immature these so called student leaders are acting.

  33. Why is everyone acting as though tweets are private? it’s a little bit of an oxymoron seeing as how the internet is far from private no matter how private you want to make it seem. Christian Vasquez holds a very specific position in student government for ASU downtown, there are going to be people watching his every move whether it’s what he says in class, to a fellow student, AND, yes ::gasp:: believe it or not, a SOCIAL networking website. Twitter and Facebook are NOT PRIVATE, especially when you’re the PRESIDENT (i must put these in caps for people to realize) of ASASUD. Why do you think employers are looking into employees facebook websites to begin with??

  34. First off Christian you just made yourself look like a bigger idiot than ever before for thinking that people are actually going to buy that you didn’t know that ‘s my d’ meant suck my dick, you aren’t fooling anyone!
    —>First off, “NOW ashamed to be a Downtown Devil”, you just made YOURSELF look like a bigger idiot than ever before for thinking that you were capable of posting a comment that actually made any sense and contained any legitimate justifications for your childish and unwarranted claims based on nothing but pure resentment for, clearly, issues you apparently have with the current administration.

    You all need to grow up and get over that whole ASASUD presidency crap from last year. So please either step down or shut up, we are all tired of hearing about it. I’m now ashamed to be a Downtown Devil because of how immature these so called student leaders are acting.
    —->I suggest you take a cue from your own rant and stop speaking for everyone’s sake and sanity. If you want to talk about being ashamed to be a Downtown Devil because of how immature students are acting, you are a prime example. You should probably educate yourself just a LITTLE bit before you open your mouth and a bunch of bullshit comes flying out everywhere.

    With that I will no longer waste one more minute of my days reading “news” The Downtown Devil considers to be worth reporting on. I also hope that every single person who commented on this article bashing ASASUD decides to WALK THE WALK and not just TALK THE TALK–RUN FOR PRESIDENT and in a year from now, we’ll talk and see if you’re the flawlessly perfect president you clearly think you are capable of being. HA I shudder to think.

  35. Jenn Magin, I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF. Thank youuuuuuuu for posting that comment.

    Abby Wischnia
    ASASUD Arizona Students’ Association Director

  36. Hello all,

    I see that once again another Downtown Devil article has caused quite the commotion, it is up to you to decide wether it’s positive or negative, necessary or irrelevant, etc.

    I’d like to inform you all that I’m one of the two Freshman Class Senators and I’m very proud to be working for you all. I am a very active member of ASASUD, and I personally find it quite puzzling that many of you have such negative feelings towards your own student government. I am a part of various other campus organizations and this is the first that I’ve been a part of that is associated with such negative connotations. It worries me that there are those who do not agree with what we stand for, work for, when our only job is to work for you. However, I understand that there are many different viewpoints, and I appreciate those who have at least voiced their thoughts. As you may have noticed, I have always been very willing to work with organizations, including The Downtown Devil, and I will continue my participation with all of the ASU organizations, especially those that deal with journalism, since I myself am I journalism student. Note that in the article about former Senator Volz’s resignation I was quoted as saying the following: “It’s always important to have a different view, a different perspective,” Freshman Sen. Vivian Padilla said. I stand by what I said and I mean what I said.

    I would like to take the time to invite you all to attend any of our Senate meetings and voice your concerns in a responsible, civil, and appropriate tone; you are free to tell us all what you feel and what you think needs to change and we welcome any and all that are willing to do so. Our doors have always been open to the public, and it’d be nice to see some new faces in the crowd, however with that being said we appreciate the regulars (media, students from organizations asking for funding). We are a working organization and we need every single one of you out there that has any thoughts to actively participate with us as a whole so we can continue expanding into our bright Sun Devil future. ASASUD is your own personalized student government, and we are all very accessible.

    Now, social media is a public forum and people can post whatever it is that they wish to post- we all do have private lives apart from being student leaders. I am not siding with anyone, but I will always be concerned whenever people are very negative towards those who I work with, including our very own president and vice president. Wether people should post during certain situations is up to them, and I can only help but voice my concern that there is a time and place for everything, and that decision is for every person to make on their own. We are all in college and we are all adults- we all know that every action has a consequence. However, please remind yourself that we are all human and we have personal lives just like you do. All of the ASASUD members juggle their professional and personal lives in a responsible way, but if you feel that anybody, including myself, needs suggestions please reach out to them. I know that I use my social profiles for both my personal and professional affairs in regards to ASASUD. I send out statuses about ASASUD related concerns on my Facebook because I know that there are many ASU members online and it’s an excellent way to reach out to many. I’m a student and as a student I know that people of our age (even those who are older, and younger) use Facebook and Twitter to reach out to people, please note that this is not our only way of communicating with our constituents but it is an effective route that we quite frequently use.

    I cannot help but encourage talks about how we can improve as an organization, no one and nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement. If you have any concerns or want to sit down at any time, please feel free to contact me- friend me on Facebook and we’ll set up a time that suits you best. Please note that I’m even willing as to give you access to my public, and personal, social profile, and I welcome any person who is reading this to go ahead and Facebook search me and send me a request- I can assure you that I will accept your friend request. It concerns me that many have much to say, yet I have not heard it. Please reach out to me. I’m here to work for you, and I’m here to make this campus an even more thriving and exceptional institution. We are all very lucky that the Downtown campus keeps expanding, and we are all adjusting to taking on more responsibilities to better serve our constituents.

    All ASASUD members have various responsibilities, and we all participate in various different committees that require a lot of time, I am not complaining, never would I complain about the Downtown’s stugo. However, with that being said I’d like to inform/remind all that you are more than welcome to reach out to any of us to sit down for a chat.

    I would also like to take the time to remind you all of LobbyDay on Feb. 16 (it’s coming up people). I encourage you all to come out and participate in the student government’s stance against budget cuts, this not only includes ASASUD, but also ASASUP, ASASUW, GPSA, USG, students from U of A, NAU and other community colleges. We will be lobbying against the budget cuts to higher education that were proposed in the FY11 budget. Many were vocal about ASASUD, now let us voice our concerns to our Arizona government in a peaceful and intelligent manner. I’m a strong supporter of speaking to those who make decisions on your behalf. Let us all join together so we can let our leaders know that budget cuts isn’t what we think will be best for us all. Please note that you are a constituent to not just us, but to those who stand at a federal level. Talks between constituents and their leaders are vital to our democracy, even at the college level.

    Your personal thoughts about anything relating to ASASUD will always be respected and you will not be judged, but please reach out to us and make us aware of your own personal requests. We work for you, and your cooperation, participation and information will always be needed and asked for. Changes can’t be made if you don’t make your presence known. We, as your student government, work with your ideas, worries and thoughts and I can assure you that with our current administration we will try our hardest to accomplish your goals. The current administration is filled by hardworking students, and we were elected by you, some of us appointed, to work for you. We as the Downtown students all take classes together, and we will continue to keep interacting with one another for at least the next four years, so instead of sitting at your computer let’s go sit together at Starbucks and chat about what you think needs to be done. If you are unaware of who represents your college please ask me and I’ll inform you. I’m more than willing to help you out in any way, shape, or form, even if it does not concern ASASUD but ASU as a whole. I’m not a student leader, but your student leader. I’m very accessible and available, so please make sure to reach out to me.

    With that I encourage you all to think about what you post. Instead of just angrily typing away please take the time to reach out to me and we can talk in person. I can guarantee you that I will inform you of ASASUD’s agenda. Also, let’s turn that anger into something productive and make sure that your voice is being heard. If you’d like to schedule a meeting with not just myself, but other senators, please contact me and we can make sure that it happens as soon as possible. We’re all classmates and a part of ASU, so let’s work together to continue the legacy that ASU has. Let’s continue to thrive as the Downtown branch of ASU and let every other campus know that we are proud Sun Devils, and as Sun Devils we work to better our communities, lives, and our overall excellent ASU experience.

    With that, I thank you and look forward to working (even closer) with you.

    -Vivian Padilla
    Freshman Class Senator of ASASUD

  37. Oh my gosh Flight Time Big Easy strikes again. Thanks for the perspective because before I watched this I was getting really upset with the tweeting communities lack of understanding as to the real story behind all this. The electronic generation does not realize how much their “toys” are getting in the way of professionalism and efficiency. However, after looking at this through the Flight Time Big Easy perspective, all I can do is laugh. Thanks for bringing this back around!

  38. Wouldn’t one of your reporters have to be on twitter as well in order for this article to take place? Shouldn’t they have been paying attention to the meeting at hand as well, since it was their job to cover it? Just because someone multi task for 10 minutes doesn’t mean they are not great at their job, although the reporters from DTD should do a little better with there’s. Find something with more substance, this is want to now not need to know information.