ASASUD denies Cano, Inzunza ballot spot for special election

The Judicial Board upheld a three-point violation against the Cano-Morris ticket, but postponed decision regarding Cano's campaigning in University Center. (Evie Carpenter/DD)

The ASASUD Judicial Board announced that write-in presidential candidates Andres Cano and Diana Inzunza along with their running mates will not be listed on the ballots of the April 14 and 15 special election at an appeal hearing on Tuesday.

As was the case in the April 5 and 6 election, the special election will list only the Grossman-Bakardjiev ticket on the ballot and there will be a write-in box available for both the Cano-Morris and Inzunza-Rivas write-in tickets.

Director of Parliamentary Procedures and Judicial Board chair Jose Rios Lua said the plan to not include the write-in candidates on the official ballot was because of “technical issues, but now those issues have been resolved.”

Additionally, Cano appealed to the Judicial Board to overturn two of the violations assessed to his presidential ticket by the Elections Committee.

After Cano’s appeal, the Judicial Board announced their decision to uphold a three-point violation assessed to Cano’s for campaign having his website live on the Internet prior to having it approved by the Election Committee.

The Judicial Board also postponed their decision regarding another violation assessed to Cano’s campaign. The violation concerned Cano campaigning in University Center.

“We will have to look into the building policies of UCENT,” Rios Lua said. “We would not want to make an uninformed decision.”

At the appeal, Cano said that campaigning in ASU buildings does not pertain to the ASASUD election code because, in his interpretation, the election code only cites Taylor Place and ASU classrooms as places where candidates are prohibited from campaigning.

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