Frozen-yogurt shop going strong after 24 years

Since taking over A Taste of Yogurt in 2000, husband and wife John and Marcia Bruno run their business based on knowing their specific clientele. (Evie Carpenter/DD)

A day at A Touch of Yogurt begins at around 7:00 a.m. for husband and wife owners John and Marcia Bruno who come in early to rotate the product and toppings and make waffle cones and other pastries.

“By 10 a.m., we’re pretty much open,” John Bruno said.

As a child, John  said he always wanted to work in the restaurant business and one day, to own his own restaurant.

John has a lot of food-handling experience under his belt. He worked in the produce industry, was the general manager of restaurants and did cooking as a hobby, he said.

But he chose to own and run a frozen-yogurt shop because the restaurant business is a tough one.

“This is one entity,” he said about A Touch of Yogurt, “a part of a restaurant. And the timing was right.”

John has been in the frozen-yogurt business for 11 years, and the shop, located on the northeast corner of Washington Street and First Avenue, has been open for 24 years. Its decor was done by Marcia Bruno, who John said had better ideas than a decorator they had come in.

“We took it over in the year 2000 from the original owners,” he said.

John said A Touch of Yogurt attracts its customers by changing the flavors daily and by their customer service.

They rotate the flavors with their repeat customers in mind, and Marcia makes the calendar and handles the rotation basis. There are also special flavors around the holidays such as eggnog and pumpkin, John Bruno said.

John said that among the most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin (in season), pistachio, Bavarian coffee and lemon cheesecake. His favorite is peppermint, although he said he has a shot of each flavor each day.

John’s favorite part about what he does is meeting new people and getting to know them, he said.

Crystal Ramos, a junior double-majoring in Exercise and Wellness and Nursing, said the economy has not affected her in going to A Touch of Yogurt for an occasional treat because they offer reasonable prices.

Ramos said that she continues to go because they have excellent customer service.

“Every time I have gone, they are very welcoming and they tend to remember some of the previous conversations we’ve had,” Ramos said.

John said knowing their customers’ names and what they like keeps them happy.

“It comes from working in the restaurant business,” he said. “Not corporate, but family owned.”

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