Dayglow comes to downtown Phoenix with two international acts in tow

The Phoenix Convention Center is the newest venue for Dayglow, known as the "World's Largest Paint Party." (Joseph Greenbaum/

The self-professed “World’s Largest Paint Party” is coming to downtown Phoenix Saturday, bringing with it internationally acclaimed DJ Diplo and international performer The Devil from Acapulco.

Dayglow, started by Florida State University students in 2006, is a concert where the audience becomes a part of the show. Featuring a dynamic combination of music, aerial acts, dancing and lights, Dayglow melds the audience with the show by blasting them with paint-filled CO2 cannons.

Dayglow Tour National Event Director Eric Fuller has been instrumental in bringing the blazing event downtown from last year’s smaller venue, the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, to the Phoenix Convention Center near Third and Washington streets.

Fuller said the ever-changing production is constantly looking to expand.

“It’s a big difference in the number of people who can attend, which gives us a bigger budget to do more production — more lighting, more sound, more video, more performers, more paint blasts,” Fuller said. “This is definitely going to be our full-scale production show.”

Though the Phoenix Convention Center has recently booked more concerts targeted at a younger audience, Miguel Munguia, event manager for the center, said the venue is not looking to specifically attract younger clientele.

“Honestly, I think they came to us because we’re big and can hold more people,” Munguia said.

With a capacity of 7,800, the Phoenix Convention Center is quite a step up from the Marquee’s 1,500-person venue.

Camille Riley, a sophomore communications student, attended the last three Dayglow events at the Marquee and said she was very enthusiastic about attending this year’s show.

“I am expecting it to be more out of control because the name is more well-known and Diplo is going to be there, unlike last year,” Riley said.

Previously featuring only local DJs, Fuller said Diplo is the biggest artist Dayglow has booked for the Phoenix area. ASU was a prominent factor in making Phoenix a stop on the tour.

“It’s one of the biggest schools in the country and one of the better crowds that we have attend the event,” Fuller said. The event is expected to draw nearly 5,000 attendees, many of them ASU students.

Although she lives in Tempe, Riley does not believe transportation to the concert will be an issue.

“I’m actually personally happy that they moved it to the convention center because I know there were lots of students last year that were really bummed that tickets sold out,” she said. “It sucks that it’s further away, but there are ways around high transportation costs.”

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