Treehouse Bakery opens permanent vegan bakery location

A permanent location of Treehouse Bakery is set to open Friday at a location near 15th and Grand avenues. A dedicated vegan option, the bakery will hold its grand opening party from 5 to 8 p.m. (Lillian Reid/DD)

After baking in a rented restaurant kitchen for two years, the owner of Treehouse Bakery is grabbing a hold of a new area and introducing a vegan bakery to downtown Phoenix.

Corianne Sizemore is opening a permanent Treehouse Bakery location near 15th and Grand avenues, the former home of Valley Pizza, this Friday.

“We’re the only dedicated vegan bakery,” Sizemore said. “Our quality speaks for itself.”

Sizemore started baking for her vegan friend in 2010. Then she began filling special orders. Within nine months, Sizemore and her sister began selling to the public, launching their vegan-baking business.

But after pulling all-nighters baking in a rented restaurant kitchen, Sizemore decided it was time to expand.

The goal was always to open up shop in a permanent location, but the Downtown Phoenix Public Market gave the business an opportunity to grow, Sizemore said.

“We have quite a following from the market,” she added.

Sizemore also sells organic, non-egg and dairy-free vegan cupcakes, cookies, muffins and pies every second and fourth Saturday at the Public Market.

The Treehouse Bakery will be featured in April’s Get Your PHX, hosted by Ken Clark, a Phoenix realtor, on Thursday.

“We have a mission: find small, locally owned businesses and get a bunch of people to give them support,” Clark said.

Get Your PHX was created to support business owners taking a chance in downtown. Clark works to support locally-owned businesses and residents who work to develop Arizona.

“If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be having such a great time,” Clark said.

On Friday, to celebrate the launching of her new venture, Sizemore and her sister will have a grand opening party with music, drinks and treats from 5 to 8 p.m.

“It gives people a chance to check out the space and check out what we’re all about,” Sizemore said.

Sizemore will still sell her vegan delights at the Public Market, but now has a space to expand her business of vegan baked goods galore, she said.

Treehouse Bakery will be a positive development for Grand Avenue, Clark said. He went so far as to coin it a “beachhead.”

A beachhead, Clark explained, is when business owners grab hold of a piece of land and attract other businesses to follow suit and attract residents.

“It’s important to support businesses in that position,” said Clark. “We think it’s important to go support businesses that are opening up in new areas where other businesses have not started up.”

Steve Shupe, a local business owner of The Shift who hosts personal development workshops, said he frequents the Public Market and other local businesses to keep the movement going.

“My hope is that the local business model returns city by city,” Shupe said.

Alli Villanueva and her husband Ben sell their products at local businesses and go to the Public Market to enjoy vegan treats, such as smoothies. The couple find owning and buying locally appealing.

“You get the freedom to do what you want,” she said.

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