Proposal seeks to move Sun Devil Stadium student section

The Council of Presidents submitted a proposal to ASU President Michael Crow to aggregate the student section on the lower bowl as opposed to the current split between the lower and upper bowl. (Courtesy of Madeline Pado)

Downtown student government President Joseph Grossman recently submitted a proposal to change the Sun Devil Stadium student section so students wouldn’t have to sit in the upper level.

The goal of the suggested move is to accommodate students on the lower bowl of the stadium and, according to the proposal, create a situation where “no student would be seated in the upper deck.”

“If you’ve ever sat in the upper bowl, it isn’t a great experience,” said Megan Fisk, vice president of professional development for ASU’s graduate student government. “Students are the main ticket holders that we gain a lot of revenue from, and they should get their money’s worth. Moving the students will get the best bang for our buck.”

Grossman and the Council of Presidents submitted the proposal recently to ASU President Michael Crow, and a committee is currently being formed to work out the logistics, Grossman said.

Fisk said the new committee would consist of herself, Grossman and representatives from every area involved, including athletics, the band and ASU administration. Fisk and Grossman are also members of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.

The move would ideally spread the student section across the lower level of the east end of the stadium, Grossman said.

Grossman said his goal is to implement the move at the beginning of the 2013 football season.

“The plan is great, but it still has a lot of individual factors to work out,” he said.

Because the move would take lower-level seats from non-student attendees, the committee will have to decide if ticket prices would change, Grossman said.

“The first problem is there’s a lot of people who have season tickets already,” Fisk said. “We need to find a solution with athletics for where to move season-ticket holders whose section will be taken over.”

The proposal also suggests moving the ASU band either adjacent to the students on the west end of the stadium or in the center of the student section itself, splitting it in two.

Relocating the band would increase the opportunity of synergy in the stadium and, according to the proposal, make the band a “more intricate part of the in-game experience.”

There are logistics to be worked out involving the band, Fisk said, in terms of whether it’s feasible to have them seated with students when they need to be on the field for halftime.

The committee would also look into how moving the student section would alter security at the games.

“Football games are quite the production,” Fisk said.

Tourism development and management junior Katie Dreifus, who interns for the ASU Foundation and works in the President’s Suite at every ASU football game, said she thinks the changes will bolster pride.

“When alumni come to the games, they see that the student section can sometimes lack pride and having the band with the student section will show that we have spirit,” Dreifus said.

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