Editorial: Leadership changes bring fresh perspectives to the Downtown Devil

The Downtown Devil managing editors, from left to right: Chloe Brooks, Mauro Whiteman, Matt Longdon, Evie Carpenter and Domenico Nicosia. (Madeline Pado/DD)

Each semester, winds of change bring new students to the Downtown campus and each year, downtown Phoenix sees itself shift as new businesses, residents and opportunities take root. For the Downtown Devil, the beginning of the semester — and new calendar year — marks a change in leadership and a wealth of opportunity.

Last spring, the Downtown Devil underwent its first major leadership change. For a student-run publication, such changes will become commonplace as editors graduate, move on to new opportunities or allow younger talent to take on more powerful roles.

But with each change, our publication evolves to meet new passions, new skills and new dreams of our managing editors, as well as those of the editorial staff as a whole.

What does not change is our goal: to provide reliable hyperlocal news coverage of downtown Phoenix.

The Downtown Devil is unique in its scope and its execution. Our staff of dedicated editors, reporters, photographers and videographers work for nothing more than fun, practice and professional experience. Our teams of business, social media and radio staff work to improve our product for the compensation of being told that it is a job well done. Our network of bloggers produce posts daily simply because they enjoy what they do.

Our managing editors work tirelessly, regularly putting in late nights and long daytime hours, as a service to our community, to our colleagues and to our craft. For us, the Downtown Devil is more than a job — it’s a love.

As the new semester begins, we give thanks to the managing editors who are handing over the reins. Jack Fitzpatrick, Jessica Goldberg, Julia Tylor and Daniel Zayas — many of who have been with the publication since its infancy — will either reduce their role with the Downtown Devil or move on entirely. Chloe Brooks, Evie Carpenter, Matt Longdon, Domenico Nicosia and Mauro Whiteman will take the helm in the new year; only Carpenter and Whiteman have served as managing editors in the past.

Additionally, the Downtown Devil will for the first time appoint an executive managing editor, who will be the first among equals for the organization’s leadership team. Whiteman, the publication’s opinions and special projects editor, will serve as the inaugural executive managing editor.

Along with the leadership changes, numerous staff changes have been made in preparation for the upcoming semester, which can be seen in detail on the website’s masthead.

We hope that our publication continues to serve its audience in providing unparalleled coverage of issues, personalities and policy affecting downtown Phoenix and this semester will see many new and innovative approaches to providing this service. We hope that our readers will join us as the publication evolves and — in the case of our Downtown Devil Discussion series and other interactive endeavors — engage us as a resource for the community by students who love downtown Phoenix.

And as always, thank you for your continued support.

To view all staff changes for the spring semester, please consult our masthead. Any questions can be directed to news@downtowndevil.com