Vintage shop on Sixth Street to close; new store plans to enter location in early April

Butter Toast will close shop in February to make way for another vintage shop. The clothing boutique is located on Sixth Street, south of Roosevelt Street. (Nicole Barrett/DD)

Butter Toast, a clothing boutique located on Roosevelt and Sixth streets, will close shop and put its name to rest in February to make way for another vintage shop in the spring.

Owner Jasmine Jarrett said that, after four years of working in the store alongside co-owner Traci Nelson, she feels like it is time do something different. Jarrett had thought about closing the boutique since October 2012 and contacted Andrea Engelsberg, the owner of Annie Boomer Vintage, to take over the space.

“There’s a sense of responsibility for our area and our street, and we wanted to make sure we weren’t leaving a vacancy in our neighborhood,” Jarrett said. “We wanted to give our shoppers another vintage place to shop.”

Butter Toast will be open through Friday, Feb. 1, with all store items half-off. Jarrett plans to liquidate the remaining inventory and sell items to other boutiques.

Engelsberg, who currently operates from an online business, said that transitioning to a permanent space is a great opportunity for her business to grow.

“I never thought Butter Toast would close but I’m looking forward to the amount of walk-by business and community support,” Engelsberg said.

Engelsberg plans to open her boutique around early April and sell clothing primarily for women with some men’s apparel, along with smaller items like accessories, purses and gloves that are not currently available on her online business. Customers can expect high quality and statement pieces that channel the early 1960s, but she said she tries to keep products affordable.

Butter Toast shopper Gretta Wallace said the she will miss Butter Toast’s unique style.

“I’ve been here two days in a row,” Wallace said, putting on the vintage maroon coat she just purchased for $26.

Until Butter Toast closes shop on Feb. 1, all items in the store are half-off. (Nicole Barrett/DD)

Phoenix resident Chris Valencio said that he is pleased with the selection of men’s clothing at Butter Toast and hopes the business moving in will carry enough items to spark his interest.

Others, such as first-time customer Megan Russell, have never heard of Butter Toast.

“If I hadn’t gotten coffee today I never would have known this store was closing or a new one was opening,” Russell said.

Engelsberg, who has moved locations several times in the past few years in addition to the online business she has kept for 10 years, said that it is always a risk opening a new business but is hopeful about the location of this space.

After sharing a space with Nostra Style House, the boutique formerly next to Butter Toast, Engelsberg knows a lot of the neighboring shops and said she would be happy to collaborate with other local businesses along Sixth Street as she expects the area to grow in the next couple of years.

“We’re all different so it’s not like we are directly competing against each other,” Engelsberg said. “We have our own flavor and style, and I think we all appreciate that.”

For now, customers will have to go without Jarrett’s hand-picked fashion items, but it is possible another store is on the horizon.

Jarrett said that her next business will either be in the downtown area or an online venture, but she does not plan on opening anything until fall. Her store will be fashion-related, although she is unsure whether she will sell primarily vintage or other styles.

“(Jarrett’s) clothing items are the perfect balance of what a good vintage shop should be,” Wallace said. “Many other stores try to find more modern pieces because they are easier to sell, but whenever I come to Butter Toast I always find something.”

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