Art Detour 25: A look at artists that helped to shape the Phoenix art scene


Though the many downtown art spaces we covered last week provided the physical space for the local art scene to grow, it is truly the people who make a place worthwhile. Each of the below faces has contributed something unique and valuable to Phoenix’s art scene since the inception of Art Detour. This list encompasses gallerists, painters, photographers, performers, property owners and sculptors. While there are certainly many vital figures missing, we feel this array provides a diverse set of men and women who have affected Art Detour’s past, present and future.

Descriptions by Travis Arbon, Connor Descheemaker, Brandon Kutzler, Alexis Macklin, Domenico Nicosia and Danika Worthington. Interactive designed by Mauro Whiteman.

Photos: by Alexis Macklin, courtesy of James Angel, courtesy of Leslie Barton, courtesy of Michele and Richard Bledsoe, courtesy of College Times, courtesy of Downtown Phoenix Journal, courtesy of Cindy Dach, courtesy of Joey G, courtesy of Helen Hestenes, courtesy of Halldor Hjalmarson, by Mark Lipczynski, by Tom Murray, courtesy of Phoenix New Times, courtesy of Kimber Lanning, courtesy of Carrie Marill and Matthew Moore, courtesy of Kim Moody, courtesy of Beatrice Moore, courtesy of Robrt Pela, courtesy of Pete Petrisko, by Dominic Valente, courtesy of Hector Ruiz and courtesy of Phoenix New Times.