Art Detour 25: A guide to the biggest weekend of art in downtown Phoenix

After months of preparation and promotion, Art Detour’s silver anniversary is finally upon us. Throughout the weekend, more than 90 studios, galleries, performance spaces and arts-related businesses will open their doors to droves of art enthusiasts. Continuing the theme of “25”, we have assembled 25 choice events happening across downtown Phoenix. Rather than focusing on the obvious, we’ve tried to spread the love, and hopefully you, dear reader, will heed our advice and explore the far reaches of the city.

Descriptions by Connor Descheemaker, Domenico Nicosia and Miguel Otarola. Interactive designed by Mauro Whiteman.

Photos, in order: courtesy of SXSR, courtesy of Sagrado Gallery, courtesy of the Nash, by Beatrice Moore, by Jaque Fragua, by Dawn O’Doul, courtesy of MonOrchid, courtesy of Mark Dix, by Natascha Payton, courtesy of Artlink, courtesy of Lawn Gnome Publishing, courtesy of Warehouse 1005, courtesy of Five15 Arts Gallery, courtesy of The Hive, by Brian Pulido, courtesy of Garfield Galleria, by Andrew Pielage, by Eric Cox, by Barry Goldstein, courtesy of {9} The Gallery, courtesy of First Studio, courtesy of 6th Avenue Gallery, by Angela Cazel Jahn, by Madeline Pado, courtesy of Coffee, Cookies and Crafts.

Update: March 1, 2013

Lady Death creator Brian Pulido is unable to attend the “Recrudescence” event at Studio Fillmore because he is out of town. He signed all of the artwork previously and Francisca Pulido will be at the event in his place.