Five best places to celebrate ‘National Chip and Dip Day’

(Mauro Whiteman/DD)

This Saturday, March 23, is “National Chip and Dip Day” and I have a list of the best options for where to celebrate. Now, full disclosure: I decided to go with a somewhat loose definition of chip –- basically, something sturdy enough to hold a substantial dip and something yummy enough to mention. With that said, let’s kick it off with something a little non-traditional.

Switch Restaurant and Wine Bar

Located in midtown on Central Avenue just north of Virginia Avenue, Switch serves a garlic and hummus appetizer that is great for filling the craving to dip food. The hummus is made with a garlic chickpea puree and served with sides of artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers. If the appetizer size is too big, the restaurant also offers individual portions. Another option is the onion rings appetizer served with a Dragon Sauce, a great dipping choice.

(Alexis Macklin/DD)

Copper Blues

Copper Blues is located in the second story of CityScape on Jefferson Street and Central Avenue. The restaurant serves a Southwest Trio of Dips for $10. The generous amount is great for a small group of people. The dips include guacamole, fire-roasted salsa and salsa verde, all signature for Mexican chips and dip. The tortilla chips are made in-house so you know they’re going to be fresh. Copper Blues also offers Rockin’ Chicken Nachos, Soft Baked Pretzels, Filet Bites and Spinach Artichoke Dip as other dip-able food options. Manager Justin Conforti said the restaurant has a fun atmosphere and they offer live music on Friday and Saturday.

“Our guacamole is to die for,” Conforti said. “That is all I eat in the back, anyway.”

(Alexis Macklin/DD)

Cocina 10

If the actual act of dipping is not for you, Crescent Ballroom’s Cocina 10, located on Second Avenue and Van Buren Street, serves I-10 Nachos for $9. The nachos are piled with pinto beans, cheddar, Oaxaca cheese, sour cream and guacamole. If the I-10 Nachos don’t fill your chips and dip need, the restaurant also serves cheesy bean dip, guacamole and traditional chips and salsa to fill the void. To entertain you while you enjoy chips and dip this weekend, Deer Tick is playing at the Crescent Ballroom on Saturday at 11 p.m. This is, however, for the 21-and-older crowd.

(Alexis Macklin/DD)

Carly’s Bistro

Carly’s Bistro’s feta rosa is not the traditional chips and dip, but still a delicious option at $6. The freshly baked pita bread is a vessel for the perfectly blended feta, garlic and roasted red pepper dip. The dip has a sharp, rich taste, perfectly complimenting the warm pita. Carly’s also offers a variety of hummus options. Right on the corner of Roosevelt and Second streets, the restaurant is close to the McDowell Mountain Music Festival, which will take place at Margaret T. Hance Park on this Saturday’s holiday.

(Alexis Macklin/DD)


I couldn’t call this list complete without some kind of dessert option. Thankfully, Hanny’s, on First and Adams streets, had just what I was looking for. The doughnuts are a stretch to celebrate “National Chips and Dip Day” with, but the house-made doughy balls are a great option for the dessert-dipping lover.

“Our doughnuts are delicious,” manager Rene Forman said. “They come right out of the fryer and (are) covered with powered sugar and served with chocolate and strawberry sauce.”

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