Four best places to celebrate ‘National Something on a Stick Day’

One of Pink Spot Coffee and Ice Cream’s chocolate peanut butter lollipops could easily satisfy even the sweetest craving on “National Something on a Stick Day.” (Evie Carpenter/DD)

Today, March 28, is an important yet little-known holiday — “National Something on a Stick Day.” There are many ways to celebrate this special day, so we have compiled a list of the best places to get your fix of food on a stick.

Whether you are craving a savory treat or need a cure for your sweet tooth, you’ll find something to enjoy at one of these places.

Pink Spot Coffee & Ice Cream

This little ice cream and coffee joint on Thomas Road, just west of Central Avenue has basically any dessert you could dream of shoving on a stick. They’ve got the basics, like frozen chocolate-covered bananas, but they also offer chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick and chocolate peanut butter lollipops. Pink Spot has basically destroyed the next level with their final dessert on a stick – chocolate-covered bacon on a stick. They give their customers the choice of plain or covered in sea salt, sprinkles or red pepper flakes. If you want to venture from their ‘stuck’ desserts, you could take a bite into an ice cream tacos made from a waffle cone taco shell and your choice of ice cream and toppings. Owners Mark Weeter and Julie Kossak wanted a place where kids were welcome, folks can study or work and a place where you can run into your neighbor or coworker and maybe share your favorite dessert on a stick.

Short Leash Hot Dogs

Husband-and-wife team Brad and Kat Moore have put a spin on a traditional food on a stick with their $3 corn pups. These miniature corn dogs are made from half a jalapeño and cheese stuffed weiner dipped in a barely sweet batter and fried to perfection. These pups are so good you definitely want to order more than one. You can usually find the Short Leash food truck from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, at Urban Cookies on 7th St, Wednesday evenings at the the Phoenix Public Market from 4 to 8 p.m. and Fridays at Food Truck Friday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. also at the Phoenix Public Market. Of course, keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter pages for their calendar and any schedule changes.

The Breadfruit and Rum Bar

Located in the heart of downtown at the corner of Pierce and First streets, The Breadfruit and Rum Bar is a charming Jamaican eatery with great drinks, a sophisticated lounge area and the perfect solution for anyone craving an entrée on a stick. The Molasses Fried Chicken Lollipops are a must served with a molasses au jus, mashed red potatoes and seasonal farm vegetables. Along with the chicken lollipops have a glass of their changing-daily Punch Bowl Special, made with fresh pomegranate and cranberry juices.

Fru Fru Pops

“All-natural ice pops, made with love and other good stuff,” is the motto for this ice pop cart. Their ice pops are made fresh from seasonal ingredients with natural sweeteners, like organic sugar and local honey. If you’re in need an ice cold treat grab a prickly pear margarita pop or even an avocado lime coconut milk favored pop. Look out for this cart at Phoenix area farmers’ markets and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for details of where they plan to be.

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