8th Day coffee shop closes doors temporarily, but will remain open for special events

(Amanda LaCasse/DD)
8th Day Coffee and Culture will temporarily close its doors due to low profits, but will stay open during First and Third Fridays. The coffee shop will update customers via their Facebook page. (Amanda LaCasse/DD)

8th Day Coffee and Culture, located on the southwest corner of Second and Garfield streets, has temporarily closed its doors due to a decline in business and lack of profit.

The coffee shop first opened almost a year ago in Sept. 2012. This was the first summer the new business experienced, and they were open from Monday through Saturday with reduced hours.

8th Day went on a summer hiatus in early August, and has remained closed since, with the exception of First and Third Fridays.

The building 8th Day occupies is leased to St. George’s Anglican Community. Shane Copeland, the priest of St. George’s, is co-owner of 8th Day along with his wife, Kristine Copeland.

Discussions are underway concerning operating under different hours. Shane Copeland plans for 8th Day to “continue to be a strategically placed location for community events,” as well as a gallery for local artists and a music venue.

A final decision regarding future operation hours will be reached within the next month, although nothing is finalized at this point in time, Copeland said.

Copeland assures all customers that 8th Day will not be going anywhere; they simply will not be functioning at the same capacity. He said profitability is the factor in this decision.

“There was a lot of hype when it opened,” said barista Charith Norvelle, “but business was slow over the summer.”

Norvelle, who spent most of her time working Friday events over the summer, did not personally experience slow business days, because of First Fridays and other special events that often occur that day of the week.

Shannon Murphy, an 8th Day patron, said she will most miss the “welcoming, chill vibe” she felt at the coffee shop. She said 8th Day is the most cozy and comfortable coffee shop in the downtown Phoenix area.

“I’m friends with the baristas and the owners, so I’ve been there since the beginning,” Murphy said.

8th Day plans to remain open for First and Third Fridays, as well as for special events. 8th Day has hosted art parties for The Rag Collection, a local charity arts organization, on Third Fridays in the past.

Aside from coffee, 8th Day offers wall space for local artists to exhibit work. In the past, 8th Day has also hosted live music and poetry readings.

Community building is a goal both 8th Day’s owners and customers hold in common.

“I hope that those involved in the community are able to stay in contact and bond over First and Third Friday,” Murphy said. “I believe God is not done using 8th Day yet.”

After temporarily closing its doors, 8th Day is relying on Facebook to share updates with customers. Future news will be announced through the 8th Day Coffee and Culture Facebook page.

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