ASU drawing student puts on first solo art show “Adolescence” at Jobot

(Alexis Macklin/DD)
ASU sophomore Ellie Craze celebrated the opening of her first solo art show at Jobot Friday Oct. 18. The show, called “Adolescence,” features ink drawings displaying Craze’s early teenage years. (Alexis Macklin/DD)

An ASU sophomore drawing student kicked off her first solo art show, entitled “Adolescence,” at Jobot Coffee and Dining on Oct. 18.

Artist Ellie Craze has participated in previous group art shows downtown, but she said this was her first solo show and the biggest one yet.

“I’m kind of nervous about it but definitely more excited,” Craze said before the show.

During the show’s opening, guests were able to meet Craze and discuss her artwork. Jobot had the unique setting Craze was looking for to display her art. She was excited to show her art at Jobot, her favorite coffee shop, she said.

“This is where I got my first glimpse of the art world, and I fell in love with it,” Craze said. “I think it’s a really interesting way to express things that aren’t able to be said. I like making things that make the world pretty.”

The show is titled “Adolescence” because the pieces portray Craze’s early teenage years.

“A lot of them have a sense of curiosity that most people have growing up, so I thought the name ‘Adolescence’ was appropriate,” Craze said.

Growing up in Ahwatukee, Craze attended New School for the Arts and Academics middle and high school in Tempe. She is now a sophomore drawing major at ASU.

A lot of the artwork Craze brought to the show was created within the past year and different from her previous work, she said.

“I’ve grown a lot as an artist since I was 16. I tend to focus on faces more than anything else,” she said. “I’m definitely geared toward drawing at the moment. That’s what’s going to mostly be in my show, is ink drawings.”

Courtesy of Ellie Craze
Craze said her show features work that was created within the past year. She said she is interested in modern surrealism. Courtesy of Ellie Craze

Craze said she was interested in modern surrealism and was influenced by artists including Audrey Kawasaki and Camille Rose Garcia. She said she likes taking things from the natural world and adding a twist to them.

“A lot of what I create is part of my ongoing fascination of the natural world and making it my own,” Craze said. “I love things that are typically overlooked or not seen as significant. I always try to find beauty in small, fragile objects.”

After Craze messaged a few places downtown in hopes of showing her artwork, she received a response from art curator Niki Rose Noriega inviting her to display her “Adolescence” show at Jobot.

“We are very excited to be able to host this show,” Noriega said. “Ellie’s illustrations are something different than anything we’ve had in the shop before. Ellie is planning on having a collection of smaller pieces, which is great because it will give more people the chance to purchase pieces to support the artist.”

Craze said she’s already working on an upcoming group show. Her art will be displayed at The Lab Pop-Up Gallery on Grand Avenue in December.

“I think Ellie’s illustrations are creative, colorful and whimsical. She’s a great artist to keep an eye on because she keeps evolving in her art and she’s very imaginative,” said Monica Robles, owner of The Lab Pop-Up Gallery.

“Adolescence” will be on display at Jobot until Dec. 14.

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