Slide show: Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts


Photos by Mauro Whiteman, Alexandra Scoville and Sophie Blaylock

The sky free of clouds and the streets cleared of cars, the eighth annual Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts marched on uninhibited Saturday night.

A talent show kicked off the parade at the A.R.T.S. Market between Fifth and Third streets on Roosevelt Street, featuring juggling, hula-hoops and snake charming. Picnic tables were transformed into stations with crafts and other arts activities for the dozens of children who attended.

As night fell, the performances came to a close and people with television masks, a woman on stilts, children dressed as fairies and the dome-like structure now resting on the Firehouse’s property lined up behind a brass band. Bikers wove in and out of the crowd, often interacting with the bike police officers that rode along with the parade. The festivities drew people to street corners and an entire party in Songbird Coffee and Tea House out to the sidewalk, phone cameras held high to capture the moment.

As the parade returned to the lot, handcrafted awards by local artist Jason Davis were distributed for best costume, float, group and more. Afterward, participants mingled and chatted, sharing costume tips as the brass band took the stage and played on.

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