Downtown Devil presents: Seed Spot Ventures

Startups that are a part of Seed Spot, a midtown incubator, will showcase their business models to the public as part of Demo Day on Wednesday.

In preparation for the launch, the Downtown Devil will release profiles of the 17 ventures that are part of Seed Spot’s Class of 2013 in an interactive approximate floor plan. Scroll over the colored “desks” to learn more about each startup.

The graphic will be updated Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for Demo Day.


Alex Scoville, Tatiana Moore and Lauren Hornberger contributed to this report. Graphic designed by Jayson Chesler and Mauro Whiteman.

Editor’s note: Mauro Whiteman, executive editor of the Downtown Devil, also serves as creative director for The Manifesto Project, one of the Seed Spot 2013 ventures. He did not contribute to the reporting of this graphic.