Fifth Street Paint Supply brings color to local artists’ canvases

JB Snyder (Courtney Pedroza/DD)
Local artist J.B. Snyder is one of the co-owners of the newly opened Fifth Street Paint Supply. The shop offers a wide variety of paint and art supplies for the artists that call downtown home. (Courtney Pedroza/DD)

Until yesterday, the immense amount of art displayed around Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row may have raised a question: Where does all that paint come from?

A newly opened paint shop on Fifth Street is likely to make that answer more obvious in the future.

Fifth Street Paint Supply, located at 915 N. Fifth Street across the street from Jobot Coffee and Dining, offers a wide variety of paint and art supplies for the artists that call downtown home.

Artists J.B. Snyder, Jeff Hoopes and Zachary Glover moved into the location in December 2012. Matt and Leslie Yazzie, who formerly ran the art gallery Long House at the location, wanted to put the building in the hands of artists, Snyder said.

“Once we got this spot we were like, ‘All right, we have prime real estate we have to make something of it,'” Hoopes said.

The store features over 100 cans of spray paint encased in a glass box along with paintbrushes, customized ink pens and other painting accessories.

“I was looking at Instagram yesterday and saw one of the first pictures of us sanding the floor to get the store ready and it was exactly eight weeks ago. We both (Snyder and Hoopes) work extremely well under pressure. We just work quick,” Hoopes said.

The owners seek to sell paint that is both high quality and reasonably priced, Snyder said.

“Montana was one of the first brands that makes paint for art,” Snyder said. “They are based out of Spain. It’s the original Montana paint. Our cans are six bucks a piece (and) we are selling them four dollars cheaper per can.”

Local artist Sierra Joy, responsible for the mural on The Dressing Room, said the new shop will be a boon for the area.

“It’s cheaper than some of the shops I go to,” Joy said. “It’s convenient and cheap and I could support my community (at the same time). I’d much rather be giving my money to J.B. than to some corporate business.”

In addition to having a kickoff party that featured a DJ and a barbecue, there were several members of graffiti crews present painting live murals using the shop’s paint within a quarter-mile radius of the shop.

An art exhibit on wheels — 20 semi-trucks, in fact — stopped in town on the same day as the event, parking across the street in the lot west of Bodega 420.

Owen Taylor, one of the organizers of the exhibit, works with Dynamic Events out of Denver. Taylor coordinated with Snyder to have the trucks, which have been touring the nation, stop in Phoenix to kick off Snyder’s event.

Snyder said that he hopes to expand the shop in the future.

“We have another 600 square feet to expand to for now,” Snyder said. “We will see how things go in the future — no time soon, though. You never know the way the city is going to work. Hopefully we can stay here for a long time.”

Correction: Jan. 30, 2014

In a previous version of this story, quotes from Jeff Hoopes were misattributed. The article has been updated to reflect the correct attribution. Additionally, one of the quotes attributed to Hoopes contained incorrect information about the amount of time that the building was under construction. It has been amended to reflect Hoopes’ original statement.

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