New urban salon brings high-end services and hair styling to downtown

(Carolyn Corcoran/DD)
Coiffeur’s Salon will offer special services like post-haircut check-ins, iPads for stylists to keep notes, and combined happy hour and hair styling events to help stand out from downtown’s other hair salons. (Carolyn Corcoran/DD)

An upscale, urban salon at an affordable price.

That is the vision that co-owners Mark Garcia and Loren Bennink have for their new business, Coiffeur’s Salon. The new spot had its grand opening on Jan. 16.

When a customer first walks into Coiffeur’s, he or she might notice the black leather chairs, tall mirrors and brick walls. According to Bennink, however, the space was a generic, bare area when the two first purchased it.

Garcia said that he came up with the store’s name while researching other salons.

“I came across the word ‘coiffeur’ which, in French, means male hairstylist,” Garcia said. “I thought that was perfect because that’s what I am, a male hairstylist.”

Garcia, who worked in transportation for 20 years, said that he had to make a decision during the recession whether he was going to stay where he was or do what he has always wanted to do: hair. Garcia said that his mother did hair when he was growing up, and he was always interested in it.

Garcia and Bennink said they enjoy working in a brand new salon because they have the ability to make it whatever they want and watch it grow around them.

Sarah Roden, one of Coiffeur’s stylists, said that she enjoys working in this salon more than those that she’s worked with in the past.

“The salon that I previously was working in was getting a little bit too corporate,” Roden said. “Here, we are able to be more creative and have more fun.”

A week after a customer comes in, their stylist will contact them to make sure they are still happy with their hair, Garcia said. Along with the follow-up, every stylist uses an iPad to record details that he or she can use to recreate past looks.

“I have never had someone call me to ask if I still liked my cut,” Garcia said. “Sometimes, a day or two later after you shower, the style I did to your hair goes away and you don’t like it as much. I want to know and fix it so that you like it.”

Garcia and Bennink said they don’t worry about competition from other salons because every salon offers something different. Customers are going to go where they feel comfortable, Garcia said.

“There is always going to be hair to cut,” Garcia said. “If you’re comfortable with your stylist, then stay there. It makes sense to stay where you are most comfortable.”

Gaby Silva, a client who followed Garcia from his previous salon, said she really loves the decor of the salon, along with the “genuine personalities” of all of the staff.

“Everything about the salon is great,” Silva said. “I will definitely continue to come back.”

The salon currently offers only hair services, though Garcia and Bennink hope to expand to a full range of services in the future.

One of those future services will be called “Beauty and the Bistro,” a combination of happy hour, styling and dinner in conjunction with Kincaid’s Classic American Grill. Those who purchase the service will be driven between the restaurant and salon in a limousine, according to Garcia and Bennink.

Coiffeur’s Salon is open Monday through Saturday and is located on First Avenue and Roosevelt Street.

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