Video: Clarendon Hotel hosts ArtelPhx event


Video by Alexandra Scoville

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ArtelPhx returned to the Clarendon Hotel this weekend with 25 individual artists and groups, the largest selection ever in the event’s three iterations.

Performance artists, sculptors, dancers and installation artists worked to transform the hotel’s rooms, lobby, rooftop and pool area into an eclectic and diverse work of art. ArtelPhx’s lack of a theme or tone was intentional, curator Tara Sharpe said.

Arizonans exclusively manned the show, with the bulk of the artists coming from Phoenix and a few from Tucson. Some artists came with years of experience, such as Tucson-based installation artist Valyntina Grenier. Others were just beginning their careers, most notably including 13-year-old dancer Ryan Donovan-Schager.

There was a special focus on interactive art at this fall’s ArtelPhx. Sondra Carr estimated she had used more than 4,000 feet of paper to construct “The Paper Forest,” densely filling her dimly lit room with foil and paper streamers that hung from the ceiling to the floor. Artist Matthew Mosher invited guests to touch the art with his piece, “What we have lost / What we have gained,” a 3×4 grid of mouths that grunted or sang a note when poked.