Focus. Flash. Phoenix: My crush


(Sarah Kolesar/DD)
(Sarah Kolesar/DD)

I am a second-generation Phoenix native, and to say that I love my city feels like an understatement. The second I heard this week’s photo assignment, I knew I wanted to spell “Sarah & Phoenix,” a sort of homage to something you’d see crushes carving into a tree. That’s right, I’ve got a crush on Phoenix.

I think what makes Phoenix so great on a larger scale is a harmonious and eclectic compilation of the smaller things — the many amazing local spots found only here. That served as the inspiration for this project. I wanted to take a small part from some of my favorite local places to spell out my name and Phoenix, so I photographed one letter from each of their signs.

S — Songbird Coffee & Tea House (1/2500, f/11)
A — Urban Cookies (1/640, f/9)
R — Frances Vintage (1/125, f/25)
A — Matt’s Big Breakfast (1/1000, f/5)
H — MonOrchid (1/2500, f/11)

& — Songbird Coffee & Tea House (1/2500, f/11)

P — Pane Bianco (1/2500, f/11)
H — Maggie’s Thrift (1/2500, f/11)
O — GrowOp Boutique (1/2500, f/11)
E — Phoenix Public Market Cafe (1/4000, f/5.3)
N — Crescent Ballroom (1/125, f/25)
I — Luci’s Healthy Marketplace (1/1600, f/9)
X — Lux Central (1/1000, f/9)