Devil’s Advocate: Moving further into in-depth territory with new multimedia and series


Reporter Agnel Philip interviews Matthew Taunton, chair of Evans Churchill Community Association's transportation committee, as part of Downtown Devil's in-depth look at parking. The series "Spacial Awareness" looks at parking downtown from various angles. (Annika Cline/DD)
Reporter Agnel Philip interviews Matthew Taunton, chair of Evans Churchill Community Association’s transportation committee, as part of Downtown Devil’s in-depth look at parking. (Annika Cline/DD)

Parking has never been a cooler thing to talk about.

We’ve got meter changes coupled with residential, educational and business developments on top of pre-existing issues surrounding parking infrastructure.

This cacophony of growing pains has everyone wondering the same thing: where am I going to park for my noon class? I’m just kidding — I don’t have a car.

In far more legitimate terms, parking is a continual concern for downtown residents, business owners and visitors that deserves to be examined on a micro level to be understood on the macro.

So we at the Downtown Devil will be examining multiple angles from business to education in a combination of weekly audio and print pieces that will lead up to a specialized episode of the Rundown all under the banner of “Spatial Awareness.”

Many editors will dig up their reporter notebooks and join staff reporters on the streets covering the areas they each are uniquely well-versed in. For some, this means stepping into the realm of audio for the first time.

As the series continues, we will collect our stories on a single webpage that gives you, the reader, a database of all things parking.

“Spatial Awareness” is also the beginning of the Downtown Devil‘s expansion in both multimedia and in-depth series.

We are an online platform, gosh dang it, and it’s about time we start utilizing our platform. This means more award-winning radio and photos as well as graphics, maps and GIFs.

Our first strong foray into multimedia began with our Street Series, which looked at SoRo, a colorful combination of businesses soon to be demolished. Expect to see the next part of the series in the coming weeks.

We also felt compelled to increase our in-depth coverage, mainly through focused series. As a hyper-local publication, we are in a unique position to both understand and cover downtown. The future of downtown is a common talking point of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, business and art leaders, and community members. The conversations follow a similar path: how can we make our city better? Well, this is how we, the Downtown Devil, can make downtown Phoenix better. Our goals, put simply, are to elevate conversations from, “dang, another parking ticket,” to “what does this parking ticket mean in the grand scheme of things?”

If you have any ideas for future series, or simply wish to say hi, feel free to email the Downtown Devil at or me, the person managing “Spacial Awareness,” at