6th Ladies on Fire event at Firehouse to feature musicians, poets, hula hoops and more

(Lia Juriansz/DD)
Ladies on Fire will bring an eclectic group of female artists to the Firehouse Gallery for the event’s sixth year. Performing artists include musicians, hula-hoopers, burlesque dancers and poets. (Lia Juriansz/DD)

The Firehouse Gallery will host the sixth Ladies on Fire event, known for its wide and wild variety of talent from local female performers.

This year’s event will showcase talents from musicians, poets, comedians, painters, hula-hoop dancers and more. Performer and director Beth May and Ernestina (local artist Ernesto Moncada’s drag persona) will host.

The Heady Hoop Tribe’s third performance with the event will display their modern style of hula-hoop dancing. The five-member team is excited to feature some of their newer hula-hoopers, said co-founder and co-owner Jessica Packard.

“We are most excited to showcase our talent to the community. Our gigs tend to be private, corporate or just personal parties, so we don’t get an opportunity a lot of the time to bring our art and what we do to a public forum,” Packard said. “With our corporate events, we love our clients and work for them, and come up with awesome and creative things for them. It’s a different situation when you can say ‘what do I want to come up with?’ with no limits or boundaries, and the ability to showcase what really comes from our hearts and imaginations.”

First-time Ladies on Fire performer Kryas Hester, an artist from the regular open mic Cultiv8N Culture, is also excited to display her art to the downtown community.

“The Firehouse is awesome,” Hester said. “The people there, the music, Phoenix, everything about this is going to be great, and I’m just excited to have this opportunity.”

Hester will create a new painting live on stage for the audience.

“I try to feel the crowd and create a painting based on the emotions, excitement, and energy that they are giving,” Hester said.

Emily Cimino, a resident of the Firehouse, will be performing spoken-word poetry in her first time performing in Ladies on Fire. Cimino said that she had not yet decided on a topic for her performance but would be doing so as she garnered inspiration.

“It’s absolutely anything. Any moment in time, any person, literally any sliver in time there’s some inspiration to draw from life. It’s constantly evolving, constantly coming from different places,” Cimino said. “You never know what’s going to inspire you, but certain things I will go out of my way to do because if I spend an afternoon in the library or go to a poetry slam, I can’t help but leave with a head full of ideas.”

Cimino said that she believes that the downtown community is filled with people and art to find inspiration from.

“I actively seek out interesting people to spend my time with,” Cimino said. “Being in a community where there’s so much art happening and I can see the work of other artists surrounding me at all times is very inspiring.”

Ladies on Fire starts at 8 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 21 at the Firehouse Gallery. The event is free, but a $5 donation is suggested.

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