Tapscott announces unopposed candidacy for USGD president, incumbent not to run

Kat Hofland, Corina Tapscott and Ryan Boyd smile while standing on Taylor Mall Tuesday afternoon. Tapscott announced Tuesday morning that she is running for USGD presidency on a ticket with Hofland as vice president of services and Boyd as vice president of policy. (Amanda LaCasse/DD)
Kat Hofland, Corina Tapscott and Ryan Boyd campaigned on Taylor Mall Tuesday afternoon. Tapscott announced that morning that she is running for USGD presidency unopposed. (Amanda LaCasse/DD)

Corina Tapscott, one of downtown’s student government vice presidents, will be running unopposed in Undergraduate Student Government Downtown’s election that will take place online on March 31st and April 1st.

The ticket consists of Tapscott and running mates Kat Holland and Ryan Boyd, for vice presidents of services and policy respectively.

Boyd previously made his name as senator and chair of the Government Operations Committee at USGD. Kat Hofland has worked in anti-sexual violence advocacy, serving as President of the I ALWAYS Get Consent group and being involved in Arizona State University President Michael Crow’s Sexual Violence Task Force.

The group has a three-point platform consisting of, “increasing student engagement, fighting for equitable resources and empowering student organizations,” Tapscott said.

Student engagement will be an emphasis for the campaign. The ticket has promised to respond to any email sent within 24 hours, and lists live-streaming meetings and meeting with students as among their core tenants.

On Tuesday, they campaigned in Taylor Mall and talked to students about their ideas and plans.

“The goal is getting more people knowing what’s happening, making sure they even know they have a student government,” Boyd said.

With current USGD President Frank Smith III deciding not to run, Tapscott will be running unopposed in the election, an aspect of this election that Tapscott and Boyd said they wished wasn’t the case.

“That’s one of the reasons why we have student engagement as one of main points, because we feel that we want people running against us,” Tapscott said. “We want students who want to be a part of student government and know that it exists.”

Smith said he decided not to run due to other planned ventures.

“Being president for the past two years, and being in student government for the past three years, it’s really changed my life.” Smith said. “For next year, I really want to focus on myself and the next steps for myself, and getting an internship, possibly with the city of Phoenix or the Legislature, and learn more about how policy works in the world.”

Smith officially endorsed the Tapscott-Boyd-Hofland ticket late Tuesday night on Facebook. He also did not discount working with the group on certain issues in the future.

Although Tapscott praised Smith and his presidency, she said she looks forward to a new generation of leadership coming in to USGD.

“He wants to do an internship at the state capitol, and so I feel like it’s great for him, and I also feel like it’s kind of cool that we have a transition of new leadership going,” Tapscott said. “He did it for two years, did a good job, but it will be great to get some different leaders in there with different points of view.”

Correction: March 18, 2015: A previous version of this article misspelled Arizona State University President Michael Crow’s name.

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