Healthcare company partners with ASU, offers low-cost testing to downtown residents

(Nathan Thrash/DD)
ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation is partnering with Theranos, a lab testing company bridging their first university liaison. Downtown residents and student can get tested at the clinic. (Nathan Thrash/DD)

A healthcare-testing company is partnering with ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation to offer low-cost medical tests to downtown Phoenix residents.

Since legislation passed in Arizona allowing for direct access to medical tests without a physician’s order, the testing company Theranos has been expanding its lab test sites throughout the state of Arizona. Now, the company is beginning its first-ever partnership with a university.

In a written statement, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes said that the company’s goal was to make a culture of early detection and prevention a reality in Arizona.

“Thousands of Arizonans are struggling to afford the high cost of traditional lab tests,” Holmes said. “Others are forced to go to an emergency room for lab testing since locations and hours for labs are so inconvenient. This law gives Arizonans the freedom to get these tests done in a transparent, cost-effective way to engage with their own health and begin working with their doctors preventatively.”

This new partnership with ASU will offer testing to both downtown residents and students through ASU’s downtown Phoenix health clinic.

USGD Vice President of Policy Ryan Boyd said the collaboration would be particularly advantageous to students, as the ability to order testing without having to go to the doctor’s office will give students more access to preventative care.

“It’s easy access to medical tests, and you don’t have to go to the doctor,” Boyd said. “[Theranos] is offering easy preventative care which lets you as a student see what’s good for you.”

Theranos focuses its testing on preventative monitoring by offering a “menu” of tests which a customer can order from at any Theranos testing center. It also offers tracking views, where customers can monitor the effect over time of treatments or medications they are taking.

Maryann Hoang, USGD senator from the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, said students can benefit from the low prices and anonymity of testing.

“This is a really cool example of testing being more accessible as a form of healthcare,” Hoang said. “Students should have the right to get these tests done because student health is the number one priority.”

A downtown Phoenix resident can pick up an order form and order any of Theranos’ offered tests at ASU’s downtown Phoenix health clinic. The test menu and pricing are available on the Theranos website.

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