Downtown ASU will have its own ticket distribution center

USGD Vice President Jimmy Arwood said he thinks the ticket distribution center moving downtown would boost attendance of football games amongst downtown students. (Nathan Thrash/DD)

Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix campus will have a ticket distribution center for football games this year.

Downtown students can now pick up tickets at the Post Office. Ticket distribution starts at 8:00 a.m. and lasts until three hours before kickoff, according to USGD president Jackson Dangremond.

“[Students] are required to bring their Sun Card to receive a wristband,” Dangremond said. “After students receive their wristband they will be able to enter the stadium.”

According to USGD Vice President of Policy Jimmy Arwood, the idea to bring ticket distribution to the Downtown Phoenix campus first began in the Spring of 2014.

“Essentially, when the athletics fee was voted for, part of the agreement in the athletics fee document was that the Downtown campus would have its own ticketing,” Arwood said. “Now, it took a very long time for that to fruition, but I’d say we are really excited that it’s down here.”

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Arwood mentioned several advocates for the change, including past Dean of Students at the Downtown Phoenix campus Georgeana Montoya, past USGD president Frank Smith III and current president Jackson Dangremond.

“Our previous dean did a phenomenal job last fall,” Arwood said. “The role that much of the Downtown campus played was keeping it as an issue with the administration.”

Arwood mentioned one complication in bringing ticket distribution to the Downtown Phoenix campus.

“[The process] just seemed like it was being pushed off,” Arwood said. “It seemed like one of the issues was where they were going to put it, and I think that’s something that the dean kind of gave an answer for.”

One drawback to the new ticketing office is that students buying tickets on the Downtown campus will not be able to participate in Camp Fargo, a Tempe-campus tradition in which students set up camp outside the day before the game to get premium seats.

USGD has yet to discuss a Camp Fargo alternative for the Downtown Phoenix campus. Both Arwood and Dangremond expressed concern for student safety due to the urban environment of the downtown Phoenix campus.

Sophomore Journalism and Mass Communication major Gabriela Martinez expressed her opinion on the ticket distribution move.

“I think that’s really great, because usually I have to get up really early and go get tickets, and that’s kind of hard because of transportation,” Martinez said.

Arwood said he thinks the ticket distribution move will benefit game attendance.

“I would like to think that a lot more students from the West and Downtown campus would feel a lot more engaged by this decision,” Arwood said. “I think you will see Downtown students there in far greater numbers.”

Arizona State University’s first home game is Saturday, Sept. 3 against Northern Arizona University.

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