CO+HOOTS set to open new midtown location

An in-progress painting on the wall of the new CO+HOOTS location in midtown Phoenix. (Bayne Froney/DD)

Co-working space CO+HOOTS will officially open its new midtown location on Sept. 30.

The colorful and open office space is located at Indianola Avenue and Third Street. Approximately three times the size of their previous space, CO+HOOTS is now able to provide more office space, meeting rooms, phone booths and a classroom space. The larger space has allowed for CO+HOOTS to support more members and larger businesses, instead of just two-or-three-person companies.

“Moving to this space has allowed us to be in a centralized location and really be able to move around more and reach a lot more people,” CO+HOOTS employee Meg Taylor said.

In 2010, CO+HOOTS formed as the only co-working space in central Phoenix with just two members, according to the company’s website. Six years later, the company has grown to 250 members with the same goal for small businesses, remote workers and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. The midtown office will be the group’s third space.

“The fundamentals are still there, the foundation of what we wanted it to be is still there,” founding member Odeen Domingo said.

The company also aims to offer benefits such as its MidWeek MindTweaks.  These seminars, which are open to the public, are meant to help people learn about new technology or skills to help improve their businesses.

“Our members have really risen to the challenge of, ‘Hey we want to make an impact in this community and we want to do good and not flinch,’” Taylor said.

Domingo said the goal is to continue to reach and teach more people and help businesses grow and flourish.

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Corrections: September 23, 2016
An earlier version of this story misspelled “MidWeek MindTweaks” and misstated the year CO+HOOTS was formed. The story has been updated to reflect the accurate spelling and year.