Deconstructed: Political speech in Phoenix

speech bubble around Phoenix skyline
Beginning on Nov. 9, Phoenix city employees will have more freedom to express their political opinions. (Lerman Montoya/DD)

By Jacob McAuliffe and Kelsey Hess

Deconstructed is a collaboration between Downtown Devil and Blaze Radio to bring downtown voices to the forefront.

In this episode, Kelsey Hess and Kevin Lane discuss an ordinance passed by the City Council that lifts restrictions on many employees and gives them the freedom to express their political views publicly. Then, managing editor Sarah Jarvis talks about the Trunk Space’s new location at Grace Lutheran Church.

Stories referenced in this episode:

City Council votes to lift political speech restrictions for city employees

The Trunk Space’s new home will be Grace Lutheran Church

The podcast is hosted by Kelsey Hess, is produced by Jacob McAuliffe, features music composed by Brandon King, and showcases illustrations from Lerman Montoya.

Correction: October 3, 2016

An earlier version of the photo caption in this story misidentified city council members as the group affected by the ordinance change. It has been updated to reflect that city employees are affected.

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