USGD 2017 election guide: Candidates prepare to face off

Vice President of Services Ernesto Hernandez accumulated seven absence points by missing a President’s meeting, several Executive Board meetings and the mandatory service event Devils in Disguise. (Courtney Pedroza/DD)

Several candidates are running for Undergraduate Student Government Downtown positions.

*Indicates no information could be found about the candidate’s campaign.

Barrett, the Honors College

• Aly Perkins
Perkins’ main focus in her campaign is to promote and strengthen opportunity, diversity and community for Barrett students at Arizona State University, according to her campaign Facebook page. According to the page, Perkins is a freshman studying Public Service and Public Policy. She is currently a policy intern in the USGD.

• Case Smith
Case Smith is currently the Senate President. According to the USGD website, Smith is a sophomore at the Walter Cronkite School and Barrett, the Honors College. On his Facebook page, Smith said he was able to accomplish many things this year. The page says he fought for student’s voting rights, the recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and the continued support and protection of DACA recipients.

• Grace Ramsey
Grace Ramsey is running along with Case Smith for a Senate seat in Barrett, the Honors College. Her Facebook says she is passionate about advocating for students’ needs. Ramsey currently works as an intern at USGD. According to Smith and Ramsey’s campaign page on Facebook, Ramsey gained experience working with students, working with clubs and organizations on campus and with other USGD members to advocate on behalf of the student population through her internship. Their page says she “will continue to do her best to ensure that all students feel like an integral member of ASU’s student body and that they know that their opinions matter.”

College of Health Solutions

Caitanya Thialan and Leah Nakaima
Caitanya Thialan is running along with Leah Nakaima for Senate. Nakaima’s Facebook page says both of them are “international students from different backgrounds [who have] the same goal of redefining diversity, student inclusion and integrating health into the Arizona State University community.” Nakaima is from Jinja, Uganda while Thialan is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to the USGD website, Nakaima is a College of Health Solutions intern with USGD and has a passion for internationally reducing youth poverty, advocating for equality in healthcare delivery and promoting healthcare awareness.

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Tyler Tobyne*
Tyler Tobyne is the only candidate from the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

College of Public Service & Community Solutions

• Jake Baker*

• Jessica Salas*

• Martin Munoz Jr.*

• Phil Miller
If elected, Phil Miller will “work with [his] fellow senators and downtown students to develop programs, activities and events that promote inclusion across all of ASU’s campuses and communities,” according to his Facebook page.

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

• Edder Diaz Martinez*

• Kimberly Rapanut*

Executive Tickets

• Jackson Dangremond, Jade Yeban, Ryan Leith
USGD President Jackson Dangremond is running for president for a second year. Jade Yeban is running for Vice President of Services and Ryan Leith is running for Vice President of Policy.

The Dangremond, Yeban, Leith ticket hopes to accomplish six main priorities if elected. According to Dangremond, the first would be building connections: “Just really furthering connections with the other campuses of ASU, NAU and the University of Arizona,” he said.

One of Dangremond’s priorities is to expand the presence of culturally competent care in ASU Health Services and Counseling Services. Dangremond hopes to, “…create a more inclusive environment for students through initiatives like adding more languages through the My Patient Portal on MyASU, and then also providing information on when to actually seek care.”

Dangremond and the rest of the ticket also hope to collaborate with University Boards and Committees, “making sure we present opportunities for more students to be involved with university-wide decisions. We’re really pushing the collaboration between student government and University Boards and Committees to allow students to use their own voice to influence change that they want to see,” Dangremond said.

Another goal of the ticket is participating in the It’s On Us campaign, where they hope to get at least 500 students to pledge to end sexual assault.

The second-to-last priority of the ticket is to increase outreach, where they hope to change the way in which they engage with students on how they perform their student outreach, including web accessibility and their online presence, according to Dangremond.

Finally, Dangremond, Yeban and Leith hope to increase efficiency.

“This is more related to the internal components of our organization in terms of including bylaw revisions and taking ideas from our counterparts at ASASU and throughout ASU and then throughout the other universities and other student governments across the nation,” Dangremond said.

The ticket has an Associated Students of Arizona State University Strategic Plan, which would “allow current and future student government administrations to monitor critical goals when it comes to improving the daily lives of students,” according to the ticket’s campaign website. The plan is accessible here.

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